5 Tips and Which Ones to Choose - The Definitive Guide

Ready to discover the perfect wines for an aperitif? To enjoy carefree and relaxing moments with friends, an aperitif is a must. And wine is a key element to make the moment truly special. Which one to choose?

Here is a selection of very special aperitif wines and all the advice on which wine to choose.

And if you really want to amaze your guests, you will also discover the advantage of receiving a box of bottles designed specifically for you.

What are we talking about:

  • 5+1 tips for making an aperitif at home
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  • Food and wine pairings for the aperitif
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+4.4 million

Wine consumers between meals (+35% in the last 15 years) in Italy

22 million people

They declare that they have an alcoholic aperitif (ISTAT 2022 data)

Lombardy in the lead

Where 16.7% of aperitif lovers in the entire country are located

5+1 tips for choosing the right aperitif wine

1 - Consider the time and the occasion

Do you want to host an aperitif at home with lots of friends and a pleasant and fun atmosphere?

Choosing the wine, or rather the right wines , is essential to make everyone happy and find ideal combinations for your preparations, which really make the difference.
First of all, it is important to consider the time and occasion when you want to hold the aperitif.

Do you want to create an informal moment? Or an elegant aperitif in a formal context?

Deciding this will determine your wine choice.
The art of organizing the perfect aperitif lies in the careful choice of wines based on the occasion: the bottles will then become those silent allies that will make your evening shine without requiring too many hours of preparation.

To begin with, it is essential to carefully consider the time and occasion in which you wish to enjoy this ritual with friends.

Do you want to create an informal moment, where lightheartedness and joy reign? Or are you aiming for a more sophisticated and formal experience, perhaps for a special event?

The answer to these questions will be the lighthouse that guides your wine selection.

If the aperitif is an INFORMAL moment, ideal for having fun with friends, you can opt for a fresh white, a fruity rosé or a light sparkling wine (a Charmat or Ancestral Method, for example). These wines blend perfectly with the carefree atmosphere of the occasion, preparing the palate for moments of relaxation.

On the other hand, if the aperitif is a more FORMAL occasion, perhaps in conjunction with a special event or before a sophisticated dinner, the choice should be moved towards a more complex sparkling wine (a Classic Method, for example), a white structured or even a full-bodied red if you know your guests like it and if the season allows it. In these situations, more structured wines will better integrate with the elegance and refinement desired for the event, ensuring an unforgettable sensory experience for all guests.

The versatility of the wines will allow you to adapt to the different nuances you want to give to your aperitif, ensuring that each glass is a tribute to good taste.

Therefore: a white, a rosé or a light sparkling wine are ideal for an informal aperitif, while a more structured and full-bodied sparkling wine, a white or even a red can be perfect for a more formal evening.

2 - Think about the food you will serve or eat

The food that will be served or shared during the aperitif is a key element in the choice of wine.

You can decide to organize the aperitif starting from food or wine but in any case the combination between the two is an aspect capable of enhancing your aperitif or not.

If you start with food:

If you are preparing a delicate fish-based aperitif, then a crisp white wine might be the best choice. In the case of fish in more important preparations, you can select a more structured and savory white, perhaps which has undergone some refinement in the cellar.

If, however, you opt for cold cuts and cheeses, a rosé wine or a not too structured red can pair perfectly with more intense flavours.

The bubbles are perfect with fried foods but pair beautifully with practically all dishes: choose them if you don't want to make mistakes.

3 - Take into account the season

The season in which you have the aperitif, and therefore the temperature, make a big difference in the choice of wine for your aperitif.

In basic spring and summer you can prefer wines with good acidity and to be consumed fresh. With high temperatures the green light is therefore given to bubbles, white or rosé.

During autumn and winter , when temperatures drop, the bubbles can be more complex and you can opt for more important whites, rosés or even robust and full-bodied red wines which pair well with winter dishes, which tend to be more structured and intense in their flavours.

4 - Start from the wines you like to choose the right aperitif wine

If you already have a preference for a particular type of wine, this is an excellent starting point for choosing aperitif wine.

For example, if you are a white wine lover and love Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, you could offer your friends other French white wines, or wines with these grape varieties grown around the world.

If you love aromatic wines you have many possibilities, in Italy and beyond.

For example, Alsace , France, is famous for Gewürztraminer, known for its floral and spicy aromas. In Germany , Riesling offers a wide range of aromas, from green fruit notes to honey tones. Muscat, with its characteristic floral and fruity scent, grows in Mediterranean areas. In Argentina , Torrontés is an icon, with its floral and citrus fragrances. Viognier, originally from the Rhone Valley in France , offers aromas of flowers, peaches and apricots. Finally, Moscato, with its delicious fruit and honey flavors, finds its highest expression in Italy, particularly in the Piedmont region.

If, however, you are a red wine enthusiast, you can decide to explore wines from lesser-known territories, such as Australia or the Rioja region in Spain.

Your favorite wines can be a starting point but also allow you to explore, trying and making your guests try new and particular sensory experiences.

Your aperitif will be truly memorable.

5 - Ask an expert for advice so you don't make mistakes

If you have doubts or would like expert advice in choosing an aperitif wine, so as not to make mistakes, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional sommelier.

Wine experts have extensive knowledge of different wine varieties, regions and the organoleptic characteristics of wines and pairings. And then they know the wineries very well, including the most artisanal and little-known ones.

A sommelier will be able to direct you towards the choices that best suit your personal taste and the needs of your aperitif.

If you want a personalized approach, you can take advantage of Sommelier Wine Box , our digital sommelier service.

With our team of sommeliers, we will help you select the perfect aperitif wines, taking into account your specific tastes, the food you intend to serve and the occasion. It is a unique way to discover new wines, including aperitif ones, and make your moments unforgettable.

EXTRA TIP: be on the safe side and choose a box of excellent wines for the aperitif

If you want to surprise your guests with a unique selection of aperitif wines, opt for a box curated by Sommelier Wine Box.

Here you will find exclusive niche wines, selected by expert sommeliers, which will make your aperitif unforgettable.

Simply choose the personalized solution to receive 3 or 6 bottles of wines from niche wineries from all over the world directly to your home, selected for you by great sommeliers, based on your tastes and needs, which you can write in the appropriate section. You can agree on the selection with our sommeliers or receive it as a surprise.

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5 white wines and aperitif bubbles with which to amaze your guests

Alta Langa DOCG


pinot noir 80%, chardonnay 20%


The grapes are selected and harvested by hand. Soft pressing; alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 15° C, partly in French oak barriques, partly in thermo-conditioned tanks. Followed by permanence on the lees and weekly batonnage. 36 months on aging yeasts.


Perfect as an aperitif, but also in combination with tasty first courses and white meat second courses and with seafood cuisine. In particular, it goes perfectly with spaghetti with clams.

Altalanga Brut | Pianbello
Bottle price: €28.5


Vallée d'Aoste DOC Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle


Prié Blanc 100%


Classic Method Brut. The base wine carries out the first fermentation in large wood (larch and oak) and in stainless steel. Traditional refermentation in the bottle according to the Classic Method, with disgorging no earlier than 18 months.


A fresh sparkling wine, perfect as an aperitif, which pairs perfectly with tasty and rich cured meats such as Colonnata lard: it leaves the mouth perfectly clean and ready for a new sip. For those looking for a vegetarian solution, we suggest accompanying it with vegetable flan with fondue.

Blanc Du Blanc BRUT | Cave Mont Blanc
Bottle price: €22


PGI Pays d'Oc




Manual harvest, pressing of the grapes with cold stabilization, low temperature fermentation. Maturation in steel for 8 months.


It goes particularly well with fragrant dishes, even the spicy ones of Indian cuisine, going very well with curry. It is perfect as an aperitif but also pairs well with white meats and fish-based dishes in not too structured preparations.


It goes particularly well with fragrant dishes, even the spicy ones of Indian cuisine, going very well with curry. It is perfect as an aperitif but also pairs well with white meats and fish-based dishes in not too structured preparations.

Viognier | Domaine de Saliès
Bottle price: €15


Maremma Tuscany Vermentino DOC


90% Vermentino di Maremma, 10% Viognier


From a clayey and chalky metalliferous soil rich in microelements located 250 meters above sea level, exposed to the south/south-east. Harvest in the second half of August and the first half of September. Vinification in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature, followed by a long refinement sur lies.


Excellent as an aperitif and throughout a meal, it can be satisfactorily paired with fish-based dishes, but it also pairs well with medium-aged cheeses and cured meats.

Le Gessaie | The sodas of Sant'Angelo
Bottle price: €18


Prosecco Extra Dry


glera 85%, plus local native grapes


Extra Dry sparkling wine produced with a blend of native Glera grapes (85%) and other white grapes with a strong aptitude for making sparkling wine. Immediate separation of the must from the skins with direct pressing, cold decantation and fermentation in steel tanks with temperature control. The second fermentation lasts three months, in steel according to the Charmat method.


Prosecco Rivolto is a fresh and drinkable wine, which is why it pairs well with equally light and agile dishes. Try it as an aperitif or paired with fish-based first courses.

Prosecco Rivolto | Zanotto
Bottle price: €13


5 red and rosé aperitif wines with which to amaze your guests

Classic method sparkling wine


70% chardonnay, 30% garganega


An intriguing bubble composed of Chardonnay and Garganega grapes hand-harvested in boxes in mid-October. Soft pressing, fermentation in steel at around 20° C with the pomace for 12-15 days. The second fermentation with second fermentation takes place according to the dictates of the Classic Method, in the bottle. It follows refinement on the yeasts for 24 months, rest in steel and further refinement in the bottle before marketing.


Brut Rosé is a wine with an excellent fragrance and lightness , capable of pairing with fresh and light dishes. Excellent as an aperitif, between meals.

Rosé | Ca Rovere
Bottle price: €24


Oltrepò Pavese Classic Method DOCG


Pinot Noir


Classic method from pure Pinot Noir, manual harvest from the third week of August, followed by direct pressing of the fresh grapes; fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature in stainless steel. Once the winemaking process is completed, refinement begins the following spring, when different fractions of base wine are assembled; in this way the cuvée obtained will be bottled for refermentation. After at least 36 months of refinement on its yeasts, it is disgorged and further refined in the bottle.


Pinot Noir Costadelvento is a very versatile rosé sparkling wine capable of accompanying succulent and intense dishes, but also light dishes. It goes perfectly with not too mature cheeses.

Costadelvento | Marquises of Montalto
Bottle price: €24.50


Trentino DOC




From a vineyard cultivated with the typical Trentino pergola, which covers an area of ​​4 hectares. The grapes are harvested in the first ten days of October, at the perfect level of ripeness, and are vinified in "red" with 6 days of maceration and frequent pumping over. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature (25° C). After racking, the wine completes malolactic fermentation and ages for 6 months in steel.


A very versatile Marzemino, direct and perfect to accompany simple and tasty dishes. Its intensity also makes it suitable for foods with a certain structure such as polenta and mushrooms.

Marzemino | Simoncelli
Indicative bottle price: €18


Barbera d'Alba DOC Superiore




Obtained from 25-year-old vineyards grown on medium-textured soils tending towards sandy. Manual harvesting, soft pressing, the must then macerates on the skins for 6 days in stainless steel with temperature control; once fermentation is completed, it ages for 4 months in oak barriques and another 4 in the bottle.


An absolutely versatile red, which can be satisfactorily paired with rich appetizers or mature cheeses.

Barbera d'Alba Scassa | Bruna Grimaldi
Bottle price: €13


Primitivo di Manduria DOC


Primitive 100%


Manual harvest, pressing, fermentation in contact with the skins at a controlled temperature. Aging in French barriques for 10 months.


This Primitivo is a very structured and elegant wine, which is why it goes well with dishes with equal body and robustness. It pairs perfectly with red meat, game and mature cheeses accompanied by jams.

Drops | Salento fiefdoms
Bottle price: €28


Pairings between food and wine for the aperitif: some examples and advice

🥂 What to pair with a white wine for an aperitif

White wine for the aperitif? There are a thousand possibilities.

For a crisp white wine, consider light, fresh dishes like shrimp in pink sauce or a caprese salad, in which the tomato and basil blend harmoniously with the wine.

Tomato and basil bruschetta is another excellent choice, while fresh cheeses such as mozzarella are excellent companions for the freshness of white wine.

Fish-based dishes, seafood finger food and light salads are also perfect.

The possibilities are endless, and you can further customize your choices based on your tastes and those of your guests.

If you need specific advice on choosing white wine for your aperitif, our Sommelier Wine Box service is at your disposal, offering you a selection of carefully chosen wines to guarantee a unique tasting experience.

🍷 Red aperitif wines: which foods to pair with

Who said that you should only drink white wine with an aperitif?

There are red wines suitable for an aperitif and there is a whole world of flavors and aromas to explore.

Red wines offer a wide range of aromas and tastes that go perfectly with various types of dishes, but always with character, capable of balancing the intense flavors of the wine.

If you have opted for a light and fruity red wine, such as a Pinot Noir, then consider pairing it with some high-quality raw ham or various cured meats. The balance between the lightness of the wine and the intense flavors of the cured meats will create an exceptional tasting experience.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen a more structured and full-bodied red wine, such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, you could pair it with dishes such as crostini with pâté or marinated olives. The complexity and depth of red wine will complement the intense flavors of these foods perfectly.

The art of pairing food and wine lies in finding a balance between the flavors and characteristics of both.

To enhance red wines there is an absolute must: cheeses, the older the wine. The combination is unforgettable and never goes wrong.

🥂 Rosé wines for the aperitif and gastronomic pairings

Rosé wines are a very intelligent and versatile choice for the aperitif, with their freshness and lightness, and because they can be a fair compromise that satisfies lovers of whites and also reds.

When it comes to pairing them with food, there are many delicious options to consider.

Here are some perfect food pairings for aperitif rosé wines:

1. Beef carpaccio: The delicacy of rosé marries perfectly with the softness and delicacy of beef carpaccio. The fruity notes of the wine will complete the dish, creating a surprising balance.

2. Smoked salmon: The smoky flavor of salmon pairs well with the freshness of rosé wine. This combination is a classic choice for elegant aperitifs.

3. Seafood Salad: The light acidity and fruity notes of rosé wine harmonize well with the seafood salad. It's a light and refreshing option.

4. Gourmet pizzas: If you prefer a more informal aperitif, gourmet pizzas with only mozzarella or with other ingredients such as raw ham, rocket and cheese pair perfectly with a rosé wine. The fruity notes of the wine match the intense flavors of the pizzas.

The aperitif is a moment of relaxation, so don't hesitate to experiment with different combinations. And rosé wines are a great solution for versatility at the table.

🥂 Bubbles for the aperitif and gastronomic pairings

The bubbles, with their festive effervescence, are an excellent choice for an aperitif. Sparkling wines pair with a variety of dishes, adding a touch of elegance to every bite.

Here are some food pairing ideas for aperitif bubbles:

1. Light starters: sparkling wines go well with starters such as carpaccio, fish tartare or light salads. The effervescence cleanses the palate between bites, preparing for the next flavor.

2. Seafood: If you're serving fresh seafood, bubbles are an excellent choice, preferably in the Classic Method version. Their fresh, fruity character complements the delicate flavors of seafood.

3. Cheeses and appetizers: Bubbles are perfect for cheeses, especially creamy ones, like brie or camembert. Furthermore, they pair well with appetizers such as marinated olives or crostini with pâté.

If the aperitif is part of a party, bubbles are a must. They can be paired with practically any dish, from refined aperitifs to sushi or tempura.

Remember that bubbles can vary greatly in style, from French Champagne to Italian Prosecco to Spanish Cava. Choose the ones that best suit your menu and your guests' preferences.

If you want a selection of perfect bubbles for your aperitifs, try Sommelier Wine Box .

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