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Explore excellence with our Exclusive Sommelier Wine Club.

Each selection is curated with a personal sommelier, an expert in uncovering the secrets of fine and rare wines, specially chosen for you. Join a community of wine enthusiasts and experience oenological excellence in every bottle

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Find out more

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With our service, you can always discover new wines from niche Italian and French wineries. We recommend our 'classic wine club,' which allows you to receive 6 niche bottles as often as you like: set up your plan, pay as you go, and cancel for free whenever you want.

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You can spend a lot to drink well, but the real challenge is to find the goodies with the best quality price. It's what we do every day


Our wine selections include only bottles from small cellars that we select one by one, convinced that true winemaking excellence is represented by artisan realities


We collaborate with the best experts in the sector to offer excellent products, which are very representative of the territory or outside the classic schemes

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Ivan V.

"I liked the idea of ​​direct contact with the cellars.

Thanks to Sommelier Wine Box I can directly learn something more about wine every time I uncork a bottle!"

Clare A.

"I wanted to learn more about wine, but due to work travel I never had the time to do that.

Now I receive everything at home and I dont have to worry about anything except opening the bottles and reading the information sheets!"

Michelle G.

"I've always had wine from my trusted cellar, but I wanted to try something new.

With some initial skepticism, I tried these boxes. Truly niche wines, excellent quality."


"Nice idea, very original.

The wines are always top-notch and exclusive, don't miss a beat.

Excellent value for money."


"Congratulations for the service.
The boxes are indestructible!
Never had any problems in a year."

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