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Sommelier Wine Box

It's a Subscription service Which leads you to discover the Italian wine world of niche.
Every month you can Receive custom wine bottles Based on your tastes.

By purchasing Sommelier Wine Box you have access to rare, high-quality, hard-to-find wines, chosen for you by the best experts in the field.
It will be the bottles themselves - which can be tasted at competitive prices thanks to our direct link with the producers - that will lead you on a journey to refine your wine cultur.

Let you discover the fantastic world of wine through niche bottles and wineries, at the right price.
How do we do it?
By doing a lot of research together with the best experts in the field and creating a direct experience with the producers.

Sommelier Wine Box creates a tailor-made box according to your preferences
Once you have defined the details of your subscription, you will receive the boxes with different frequency depending on your choice (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly).
We ship regularly and the boxes are delivered around the 15th of each month.

The subscription is flexible and you can cancel or unsubscribe at any time free of charge.


We don't just have one but we work with the best experts in the field to put their decades of experience at the service of our customers and ensure the best possible selections.

Experienced sommeliers find niche wine producers and classify wines according to 12 attributes (type, intensity, quality, persistence, complexity and flavour, among others)

The wines we offer are chosen by our entire team of sommeliers, who minutely review and classify them, and the algorithm matches them according to your preferences.


Each box contains the number of bottles chosen at the time of purchase; to consult the information sheets with tasting notes, winery history and pairings, you can consult the Sommelier Wine Box App.

Yes, by following the purchase procedure you not only decide on the price and quantity of the bottles, but you also provide us with the necessary information to profile your palate, associate the information and send you the wines you prefer in terms of type,

Certainly! Shipments are made by express courier and our packaging is approved according to Italian and international standards to offer the highest possible degree of safety (Nakpack supplier).


The boxes can only be purchased online.
Carried out Registration at the site, Simply follow the purchase procedure by entering the card data and the shipping address and wait for the confirmation email.

How much do you want! The subscription can be suspended for a month or closed at any time.
Simply perform the withdrawal before the next renewal, which takes place on the 27th of the month.

If you purchased Sommelier Wine Box as a gift the amount comes climbed upon purchase confirmation.
If you have chosen the subscription, the amount of the first purchase is scaled at the time of order confirmation, while The next renewal The 27th of the month takes place.

The subscription is flexible: it is always possible to delete it, free and without any constraint.
You need to enter on your personal page and in the Subscription section and pause or delete.

Shipping and Returns

The first box we send it right away, just time for our sommeliers to select perfect wines for you.

Subsequently the renewals take place on the 27th of the month (based on the plane you have chosen, starting from the month following the order) and the boxes arrive around 10 of the month.

For different needs, write to

Of course. When you receive confirmation of shipment, you will also find in the email the shipment references to track your journey.

Write to us immediately to and we will contact the courier to solve the problem.

Of course, you can change the shipping address entering on your personal page and inserting the new address, By 27th of the month.

Write to and we will solve the problem by sending another one or refunding the full amount, based on the availability of the bottles.

If you receive one or more damaged bottles, contact us immediately at info@sommelierwinebox.comBy sending us a photo and the description of the damage: this will allow us to verify the problem and solve it.


For any Problem, suggestion or curiosity, write to us a And we will be happy to answer your questions!