Redeem your gift

Click on the button below and fill out the questionnaire with your preferences

1️⃣ Compile the questionnaire of your wine preferences by clicking on the button below

2️⃣ Our algorithm will profile your palate e will match the wines you might love, based on your wine preferences

3️⃣ We will immediately send you the first box and the next around 10 of the month, if your gift is more months

4️⃣ review wines when you take them: it will allow us to better understand your tastes and Refine future selections


The only thing you need to redeem your gift is the order number (which you have to communicate those who gave you a gift). After that, you can fill out the questionnaire by clicking in the "Redeem" button above and you will guide you step by step.

Absolutely no: Everything has already been paid by those who gave you a gift.

Yes, Sommelier Wine Box is a personalized subscription service but gifts they are not renewed Automatically.

If you want to continue with your subscription, you will have to make a new purchase. We already know your profile so we will continue to send you wines that match your preferences.

Of course, you can always change or update your preferences by redoing the questionnaire on this page.