We are two brothers, Sara and Luca Menato, and in 2018 we launched Sommelier Wine Box: a journey to discover the great world of wine.

The target? Connecting wine enthusiasts and letting them discover the best winemakers in the world . Our selections are the result of continuous and passionate research , carried out together with a great team of sommeliers.

We offer artisanal and unique wines , not present in large-scale distribution: wines that come from the hands of niche winemakers, who we find by sifting through all the winemaking territories, even the lesser-known ones. Real gems to discover.


In an ideal world we should all have the time to choose the best wines and the knowledge to ensure the best quality-price ratio. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, especially if you always live in a hurry.

This is why we created the Sommelier Wine Box: to give everyone the opportunity to cultivate their passion for wine, discovering excellent wines and cellars, thanks to the experience of those who seek them for work.


We want to change the wine world by giving everyone the opportunity to access niche wines, create their own collection of bottles, truly discover their own tastes and experience the wonder of tasting unique bottles while exploring the great territories of wine.

We created Sommelier Wine Box to be the solution to have all this.

We have taken care of it in detail so that it has the lowest possible environmental impact , so that it is convenient , practical and fun!

Our wine club offers a complete and varied wine journey: each of our boxes contains wines selected by experts from among thousands, with all the information needed to understand the whole world behind the bottle.

It is a service for those who are curious, love things done well and are not afraid to go off the beaten track.

5 good reasons to give it a try

Niche wines

Our wines are selected by great sommeliers from artisanal and niche wineries

Personal sommelier

You will have a professional sommelier at your disposal to ask for suggestions and with whom to agree on the most suitable selections for you


We take advantage of the experience of great experts to select only the highest quality-price ratio on the market


We have collaborations with over 1,000 wineries and we select 10 new ones every month, to offer a variety of labels that satisfy every type of customer


All plans are completely flexible, even when choosing your subscription: you can pause or cancel in just a few clicks and customize your box as you wish.


You have only seen a small part of who we are!

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