A journey to discover unique territories, wines and winemakers

Give the gift of a unique journey

Tailor-made route to try ever new Italian and French niche wines

Give a special gift

The perfect gift for wine enthusiasts

We create enological itineraries to discover extraordinary wines, territories and cellars, telling their stories and secrets.

We collaborate with great sommeliers to select only niche wineries and offer our customers wines with the best quality price on the market.

Ideal for a gift that...

...makes you discover niche wines and cellars

Selected goodies from small wineries , of which we tell stories, tasting notes, territories and pairing in the information material

...is customized for the recipient

We create tailor-made selections according the tastes of the recipients, to guarantee the best possible wine experience to those you love

...last over time

You can make your gift last for as long as you want, without any constraints either for you or for the recipient

Here's what's in each box

Niche wines

Selected by the Personal Sommelier according to everyone's tastes

Ecological anti-breakage pack

The bottles are safe thanks to a completely recycled and plastic-free patented pack.
Don't worry, if a bottle arrives broken, we'll refund it!

Information material

Each bottle is explained by an informative PDF with all the notions on the territory, cellar and the winemaking, in order to reveal every secret of the wine you taste!

What makes our wines so special?

Quality, at fair price

You can spend a lot to drink well, but the real challenge is to find the goodies with the best quality price. It's what we do every day for you.


Our wine selections include only bottles from small cellars that we select one by one, convinced that true winemaking excellence is represented by artisan realities


We collaborate with the best experts in the sector to offer excellent products, which are very representative of the territory or outside the more classic schemes


With the Sommelier Wine Box gift service you can do it, without doing any mistake

Do you know the tastes of the recipient?

Indicate your wine preferences during the purchase and we will directly deliver the bottles

Don't you know what she/he like?

We send you a giftcard and whoever receives it can redeem the gift and choose by himself which wines to receive

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