❶ Choose your journey
You choose the subscription plan and give us your wine preferences: we create the perfect wine box for you.

You can choose, and change at any time, the number of bottles, how often you receive them and the type of wine. And then pause or cancel whenever you like, for a wine journey tailored to you.
❷ Here's what you'll receive

For each order you receive 3 or 6 bottles of niche wines, produced by non-commercial and always different wineries.

you can let yourself be amazed by our sommeliers that they will create selections every time based on your feedback or you can agree in advance what to receive with your personal assistant.

❸ Taste and enjoy

Stop the bottles of the selection designed for you by the best experts and enjoy them in small sips!

You can discover always new wineries and territories, guiding you in the magical world of wine comfortably from home.

the selection

When tradition meets innovation

? Expert sommelier
Niche oenological realities classify wines based on 12 attributes (among others: typology, intensity, quality, persistence, complexity and flavor).

??‍? The algorithm Associate the perfect wines For each customer Based on the wine preferences of each.

Each review

With each review, our algorithm learns more about your wine preferences.

More reviews you will do, more similar to your tastes They will be the wines you receive.


Some answers that could help you

Each box can contain 3 or 6 bottles Wine, you choose.

You can customize almost every aspect of your box:
• number of bottles;
• reception frequency;
• number of orders to prepaid;
• type of wines to receive;
• price of bottles;

The wines are selected by our sommelier team based on your preferences: some of the best experts in circulation.

You receive immediately before box, just time for our sommeliers to select perfect wines for you.

As for the next orders the renewals after the first take place on the 27th of the month and the boxes arrive with a regular basis around 15th of the month.