What is the warming of the glass? A practical guide.

avvinamento vino

A coup by sommeliers and wine experts, wine making is actually not very practiced among wine lovers. This is a truly scenic practice, with a clear utility. Let's see what priming is and how it works and when it is best to do it.

What is winemaking, in seven questions and as many simple answers.

1. What is meant by priming?

The term “wining” indicates a series of washes , carried out to obtain a homogeneous result within a container.

2. What is winemaking in the cellar?

In the cellar, winemaking is the operation of pouring quantities of wine (or must) into new barrels , to encourage the release of tannin from the wood.

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3. What is meant by wine serving when serving wine?

It consists of pouring a small quantity of wine into the container, glass or decanter .

4. How do you make the glass wine?

  • A drop of wine is poured into a glass;
  • It is rotated with a broad gesture so that it adheres to the entire surface of the glass, to cover a large internal surface;
  • Then rotate with more measured gestures , always holding the glass by the glass, to finish covering the entire surface.

If you are tasting in company, with the same drop of wine (which must then be discarded) you move on to the next glass.

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5. Why is the glass seasoned?

This procedure is practiced to eliminate odors and micro-sediments from glasses that may be present, resulting from imperfect washing or detergent residues.

The goal is to create a perfect environment for tasting. Which means not drinking wine with an altered aroma or flavor.

6. When is it recommended to wine the glass?

Whenever you have doubts about the perfect cleanliness of the inside of the glass and in the presence of fine wines, which you do not want to risk altering.

7. Why do sommeliers carry out winemaking?

Winemaking is widely practiced at the table by sommeliers in restaurants and wine bars. Today, in fact, the gesture is also loaded with other values, aesthetic and empathetic , because it is a moment of great charm, during which a relationship with customers begins to be created.

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