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Example of red wine present in the Expert boxes

Barolo Camilla, Bruna Grimaldi

Barolo from the Bruna Grimaldi winery priced at €30, present in the Expert selections and chosen by Nicola Bonera, best sommelier in Italy AIS 2010

This Barolo is produced from Nebbiolo grapes grown in the best vineyards of various municipalities: in Grinzane Cavour, Raviole, Borzone, La Morra, Roere di Santa Maria. The great value of Barolo Camilla is the variety of terroirs that make up the different hills from which it originates.

The company is located in Serralunga d'Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage site since 2014. The company identifies itself with "an ethical approach" to the vineyard, in full respect of nature, with sustainable viticulture and produces approximately 70,000 bottles per year in total

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Example of sparkling wine present in the Expert boxes

Blanc de Blanc, Ca' Rovere

A sparkling Blanc de Blancs with 100% Chardonnay from the Ca' Rovere winery, in the heart of the Berici Hills (VI), which you can find in the Expert selections at the price of €26.

A creamy and rich sparkling wine, where all the aromas of the Chardonnay grapes, selected and harvested by hand, are enhanced with vinification using the Classic Method and resting on the yeasts for 60 months.

The cellar is located in the heart of the Berici Hills, where the vine roots must dig deep into the stony soil to feed themselves. It is precisely the soil that remains today where there once was a seabed that gives the wines of this area an intense flavor and minerality.

Here is the card we create for each wine
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Example of red wine present in the Appassionato boxes

Côtes d'Auxerre Pinot Noir, Grivot-Goisot

Pure Pinot Noir from the Grivot-Goisot winery priced at €20, present in the Passionate selections and chosen by Mattia Cianca, Best Sommelier of Italy ASPI 2019 & Best Sommelier of Australia 2017.

An award-winning Pinot Noir from a one hectare vineyard, green harvest, one month before complete maturation and aging in wood for 12 months in French barriques.

We are in the heart of Burgundy, in a village called Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, where the Goisot family has followed the winemaking tradition for generations, cultivating 27 hectares of vineyards with a sustainable approach and producing wines that fall within the most prestigious Burgundy denominations.

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Example of white wine present in the Appassionato boxes

Sengialta, Balestri Valda

A Soave Classico DOC of great character, produced with the native Garganega grape, worth €20, present in some of our Appassionato selections.

This single vineyard Soave Classico Cru was born on soils rich in black basalt rocks of volcanic origin, locally called "sengio", from which Sengialta. The best bunches are selected from this plot and the wine ages for 22 months on the fine lees in 20 hectoliter barrels and then in the bottle for another two years.

In the heart of Soave Classico, Laura Rizzotto carries on the family winery with ever new personalities and ideas according to the principles of organic farming. Its objective is to demonstrate that it is possible to be sustainable and produce wines of the highest quality without giving up the healthiness of the products and the beauty of the landscape, in a balance between man and nature that can be felt when visiting the estate.

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Example of red wine present in the Enthusiast boxes

Malbec Roble San Felipe, Bodega La Rural

Malbec from the La Rural winery present in the Enthusiastic selections: it best expresses the varietal with aromas and flavors that immediately recall Argentina.

100% Malbec from the company's vineyards, located on alluvial soils. Careful vinification, with controlled fermentation temperatures, 18 days of skin maceration and 9 months of maturation in American oak barrels.

Bodega La Rural was founded by an Italian, Felipe Rutini, at the end of the nineteenth century. We are in Coquimbito, in the province of Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina. Thanks to a profound technological renewal and increasingly focusing on quality, the winery has gone from being a very small reality to a qualitative point of reference for the region.

Here is the card we create for each wine
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Example of white wine present in the Enthusiast boxes

Viognier, Domaine de Saliès

Pure Viogner from the Domaines de Saliès estates, in French Occitania, present in the Enthusiast selections at the price of €15 and chosen by Mattia Cianca, Best Sommelier of Italy ASPI 2019 & Best Sommelier of Australia 2017

Manual harvest of pure Viognier grapes, grown on the French garrigues made from layers of calcareous and shale soils. Pressing of the grapes with cold stabilization, low temperature fermentation and maturation in steel for 8 months for an elegant and delicately aromatic wine.

The Domaine de Saliès stands on an ancient castle, used since the second half of the 20th century by the Gombert family, the current owners. The landscape is hilly, characterized by scrub and pine forests and the estate's vines are ancestrally rooted in the region, with a constant search for quality to authentically express the terroir.

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Customer Reviews

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Riccardo Bellini
Continuate cosi

le selezioni ricevute finora vanno benissimo, ho scoperto un paio di metodi classici molto interessanti, e anche un macerato che mi è piaciuto un sacco. Continuate così perchè mi piace tutto molto

Giulia galli
Facile e veloce

Conoscevo già Sommelier Wine Box ma con il nuovo sito è facilissimo scegliere i vini da ricevere nelle box. mi piace un sacco! Grandi!


Ho provato vini davvero buoni!
Le cantine sono sconosciute, ma questo è un plus! Sono molto soddisfatta

Diego Rivetto


Ho portato tre amici

Ho dato il mio codice sconto a tre amici dell'AIS, si sono abbonati e io ho ricevuto la mia box esperto a metà prezzo praticamente!