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How is wine served at the table? 3 steps and a guaranteed impression

versare correttamente vino

In recent years the figure of sommelier has changed, and so has the accessibility of the small, large wine rituals. However, the service remains the area in which the sommelier offers his expertise and professionalism to the maximum. From the world of sommeliers we can pick up tricks and techniques, and even the basics of wine service. So let's see how to serve wine at the table, in 3 simple steps, for a guaranteed impression.

Serving wine well at the table is not just a question of form, but it is also a gestures that give substance to the magic of wine . Let's see how it's done, taking inspiration from the "rituals" of sommeliers, in 3 steps.

1. Presentation of the bottle

Just as the sommelier presents the wine to the customer, it is also beautiful at home enhance the information indicated on the label , read the name of the wine, the denomination, the vintage, the producer...

2. Opening the bottle

White and red wine

  • Opening the bottle begins with cutting the capsule under the ring, using the sharp knife of the corkscrew ( without rotating the bottle if you're really pro ).
  • Having dried and cleaned the upper part of the neck of the bottle with a napkin, insert the tip into the spiral of the corkscrew into the cork and screw it on well.
  • The lever of the corkscrew must be placed on the edge of the neck of the bottle, to extract the cork delicately ( so as not to break it! ). A touch from real experts? When the cork is almost out of the bottle, finish the extraction with your hand, using a napkin to avoid noise.

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    Sparkling wines

    • Opening the bottle of sparkling wine begins by eliminating the capsule, removing the metal cage, always making sure that the
      cap does not come on suddenly.
    • Then hold the base of the bottle well, holding the cork between the index finger and thumb of the other hand, rotating the bottle.
    • The cork must be brought out delicately, again without making a bang ( this is the real touch of class ).

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    3. Pour the wine

    • To check for any defects - and therefore surprises for the diners - whoever opened the bottle must smell the cork. Therefore it is good to taste a minimum quantity of wine before serving it to guests.
    • Now the green light is given to the actual service, pouring the wine into the glasses, with particular attention in the case of sparkling wine, to prevent the foam from escaping and wetting the tablecloth.
    • The order of service requires that the ladies are served first and then proceed clockwise ( remembering not to overfill the glass ). Only after having served everyone, do you return to pour a little wine into your glass. And everything is ready for the cheers !

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    How to serve wine at the table

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