Small islands, great wines: an indissoluble bond

Piccole isole, grandi vini: un legame indissolubile

Elba, Santorini, Ibiza, Pantelleria: the small islands of the Mediterranean are real treasure chests even when it comes to wine. Rare and hard to find vines, perfect if you are looking for bottles out of the ordinary.

What characterizes the wines of small islands?

The wines of the small islands are unique because they are an expression of the extraordinary ability of the island's winemakers to adapt to the surrounding environment, which is completely peculiar. Island vines are a world different from classic flat or hilly cultivation and develop peculiar organoleptic characteristics, adapting to specific and different climates and geological situations. The wines obtained are very original, characterized by a special interaction with the sea spray due to the proximity of the coast.

What are the main characteristics of small island wines?

The primary characteristic of wines from the islands is undoubtedly flavor . The minerals contained in the wine are responsible for the sensations of salinity, which are perceived in some wines in a very incisive way. The flavor in wine differs depending on the climate, the soil , and the proximity to the sea. Furthermore, the skills of the oenologist and viticulturist do the rest: vinification , refinement and conservation are fundamental components. Thanks to these practices, the main differences on an olfactory and gustatory level can be deduced.

What do you pair small island wines with?

Playing with the proximity of the sea, a perfect pairing is certainly with fish-based dishes, grilled dishes and seafood first courses. But thanks to freshness and versatility, the wines of the small islands can also find interesting pairings with white meats and fresh cheeses.

In our in-depth collection of the world of wine there are also three wines from small islands, and in particular:

  • Atlantis Bianco : coming from the island of Santorini, produced with local grapes (Assirtiko, Attiri, Aidani) grown on volcanic soil. An intense and complex wine characterized by hints of ripe fruit and excellent body.
  • Vermentino from the island of Elba , which is characterized by its clear fruity and floral scents, a balanced sip and a notable flavour, so typical of the island.
  • Vino tinto Monastrel : from the island of Ibiza, a unique red in personality, with clear sensations of cherry and ripe red fruits.

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