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The definitive list of wine movies for wine lovers

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Wine lovers, are you looking for a way to immerse yourself even more in your passion? Watching films and documentaries about wine is great. Here are the best films about wine that every winelover should see, to get to know this fascinating world even better . From documentaries on production, to funny comedies that celebrate the pleasure of tasting, these films will make you experience the essence of the world of wine from another point of view. Read the article to discover the titles not to be missed.

We went in search of the most interesting and engaging titles, ranging from educational documentaries to entertaining comedies: here are the wine films you need to know.

1. “ Sideways ” (2004) – a comedy-drama film follows two friends on a road trip through California wine country.

2. “ Mondovino ” (2004) - documentary explores the world of wine and its commercial and cultural dynamics, with a focus on the globalization and standardization of wine. Features interviews with wine producers, experts and enthusiasts in the industry providing analysis of urgent trends and challenges.The documentary has sparked much discussion and is considered one of the most important films on wine culture in recent decades.

3. " A Good Year " (2006) - well-known romantic comedy, in which a London investment banker inherits a vineyard in Provence, and taking care of it means for him learning the beauty of wine but also of life.

4. “ The Judgment of Paris ” (2006) – drama film based on the true story of the Judgment of Paris (1976) following the key characters who made this historic event possible. Film that tells the story behind this historic event, including the emotions of the participants and judges, which explores how this event changed the way the world perceives Californian wines and how it influenced the wine market globally.

5. “ Bottle Shock ” (2008) – film based on the true story of the 1976 Judgment of Paris, in which California wines won a blind tasting against their French counterparts. It deals with the famous wine tasting competition of May 24, '76 which had a great impact on the world's perception of wine. In particular, it follows the adventures of a Californian wine producer, Jim Barrett. During the competition, some Californian wines achieved surprising results, beating their French equivalents and changing the course of world wine history.

6. " A Taste of Romance " (2011) - romantic comedy that revolves around the universe of wine. The protagonist is a chef who manages a restaurant and meets a sommelier - with whom she falls in love - who helps her discover her passion for wine. The film follows the couple's adventures as they explore the world of wine, tasting fine wines and participating in tastings.

7. “ Somm ” (2013) – American documentary that follows four aspiring sommeliers as they prepare for the Master Sommelier exam, one of the most difficult and prestigious wine exams in the world. It explores the culture of wine and offers an intimate insight into the training and their efforts to achieve this goal - an opportunity to discover the world of wine and the challenges of those who aspire to stand on the highest podium in the industry.

8. “ Red Obsession ” (2013) – this documentary explores the growing popularity and economic impact of high-quality red wines, particularly those from the Bordeaux region of France, on China. The film explores the growing demand for wine from Chinese consumers and the effect this has on prices and production, exploring how China's growing middle class is becoming an increasingly important player in the global wine market. The film features interviews with wine experts, producers and collectors, and offers an overview of the economic and cultural dynamics surrounding the world of high-quality wine.

9. " The Great Gatsby " (2013) - film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel featuring several scenes in which the characters taste, while wine is generally seen as a reflection of the decadent lifestyle of the "Roaring Twenties" ” (i.e. the 1920s).

10. " A Year in Burgundy " (2013) – documentary that follows the journey of a group of American friends who in one year learn about and appreciate Burgundy wine. It follows the lives of six Burgundy wine producers over the course of a year, capturing the charm and complexity of the production. Through the seasons, you follow producers as they tackle harvest, fermentation and aging, and discover how their decisions affect the taste and quality of the wine. The film also provides a look at Burgundy's history as a wine region and the importance of terroir .

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11. “ The Great Gatsby ” (2013) – drama film directed by Baz Luhrmann and based on the 1925 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The plot follows the life of a young millionaire who surrounds himself with luxury and glamor during the era of Prohibition. Wine makes regular appearances in party and celebration scenes.

12. “ A Year in Champagne ” (2014) explores the art and science of producing Champagne through an annual production cycle. The film explores the work of vignerons who strive to preserve tradition and quality in producing one of the most famous wines in the world. The film was very well received by critics and aroused strong interest from fans.

13. “ Somm: Into the Bottle ” (2015) – sequel to the 2013 documentary that explores the history, culture and science of wine through in-depth interviews with sommeliers from around the world. The film includes interviews with world-renowned winemakers, wine experts and sommeliers and features a wide variety of wines, from the world's finest wines to the most accessible wines.

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14. “ Focus ” (2015) – comedy-drama directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The plot follows a high-class con man who meets a young con artist and teaches her the secrets of the trade. It only presents a few scenes in which wine is the protagonist, but it is interesting for the association of the blind identification of wine as a synonym of intellectual acumen, while more generally wine often returns, as a synonym of celebration and richness in the case of bubbles - symbol of luxury and refinement.

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15. “ Wine Country ” (2019) – comedy that follows a group of friends traveling to California to celebrate one of their friends' birthdays and visit some wineries.

16. “ Somm 3 ” (2020) – this documentary is the third in the series and follows a group of aspiring sommeliers preparing for the Master Sommelier exam. It also includes a retelling of the famous Judgment of Paris of 1976, in which California wines outperformed their French counterparts in a blind tasting, revolutionizing the world of wine. A "must see" for passionate people.

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