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notizie del vino novembre 2023

Wine News: novembre 2023

Tutto quello che devi sapere per restare aggiornato sulle notizie del vino dal mondo: una selezione di Sommelier Wine Box

Italian Barolo bottle with two glasses

Italian Red Wines You Need to Know

Italy is renowned for its wine production, especially its red wines. With a rich history and diverse regional variations, Italian red wines offer a unique and indeed delightful experience for wine ...

Italian vineyards

Italian Wines: The Complete Beginner's Guide

Italy is known around the world for its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. One of the country's greatest treasures is undoubtedly its great wines. With a wine-making tradition da...

10 notizie sul vino dal mondo: ottobre 2023

10 wine news from the world: October 2023

Here are the 10 wine news that every winelover should know. October 2023 wine news from the world by Sommelier Wine Box.

Wine Box: cosa sono e come scegliere

Wine Boxes: what they are and how to choose

Find out everything about Wine Boxes: from what they are to the advantages of subscribing to them. Find your perfect wine box with our expert advice. Read more and start your journey into the magic...

wine event november 2023

Complete Guide to Wine Events in Italy in November 2023

With our complete guide to the wine events of November 2023, discover all the wine events in Italy.

Vini Rossi Corposi: Cosa Sono e Quali Scegliere - La Guida Definitiva

Full-Bodied Red Wines: What They Are and Which Ones to Choose - The Definitive Guide

If you are a fan of robust and structured red wines, this guide is perfect for you. Find out what makes a full-bodied red wine and how to choose the best labels. From describing the characteristics...

vini rossi fruttati

Fruity Red Wines: How and Which Ones to Choose - The Complete and Definitive Guide

The complete and definitive guide to fruity wines: how to recognize them and which ones to choose, with 10 suggestions of bottles to try signed by Sommelier Wine Box

Vini Pregiati da Regalare: 5 Consigli e Quali Scegliere

Fine Wines to Give as Gifts: 5 Tips and Which Ones to Choose

Do you have to give an important gift? Here is the definitive guide to gifting fine wines under 40 euros. How to choose, what to select and how to orient yourself in the Sommelier Wine Box guide.

Vini Pugliesi Pregiati: 10 Rossi, Bianchi e Rosati Unici | SommelierWineBox

Fine Apulian Wines: 10 Unique Red, White and Rosé Wines | SommelierWineBox

How to find your way among Apulian wines by finding quality labels with advice from sommeliers: fine rosé, white and red wines from one of the most emerging regions in Italy.

Vino da Regalare a un Medico: 5 Consigli e Cosa Scegliere

Wine to Give as a Gift to a Doctor: 5 Tips and What to Choose

What to give to a doctor to make a good impression and express your gratitude: advice from the Sommelier Wine Box

Vini Pregiati Francesi: Come e Quali Scegliere - La Guida Definitiva

Fine French Wines: How and Which Ones to Choose - The Definitive Guide

The definitive sommelier's guide to French wines: to learn to understand them, to choose the right ones, to taste unique fine bottles. The definitive Sommelier Wine Box guide

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