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Sommelier Wine Box's exclusive "by invitation only" wine club which will allow you to:

  • receive rare Italian and French wines designed for you and your needs
  • create a personalized experience to taste the wines you might like
  • expand your wine knowledge with information materials and sessions with sommeliers
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Sommelier Wine club exclusive

Max number 1,000


The club welcomes a limited number of members. For 2023 we have forecast 1,000 places.

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Membership benefits

Discovery of exclusive artisanal wines

Discover the unique taste of rare, superior quality artisanal wines found nowhere else. We select hidden treasures for you directly from niche wineries, to ensure an unparalleled wine experience.

True excellence at an advantageous price

Stop paying too much for “mediocre” wines. You deserve the "real deal": carefully chosen niche wines that represent Italian and French wine excellence, at an incredibly advantageous price

A personalized wine journey

Have a personalized wine experience: you can taste wines that suit your tastes and even explore new bottles that you probably would never have tried on your own. This way, you can constantly expand your knowledge of real wines.

24 bottles directly to your home

Receive 24 selected bottles of wine comfortably at your home. Each delivery is a wait that turns into pleasure, without the weight of choice and the doubt of purchasing.

Your personal sommelier

Take advantage of the exclusive expertise of a personal sommelier who will design a tailor-made wine journey with you, a service that would normally cost thousands of euros, but which with your
membership to Sommelier Wine Box becomes an included privilege.

Impress your friends with unique wines

Surprise your friends with bottles
inaccessible to anyone else, true wine gems that will be the emblem of your ability to choose and taste. With our selection, every dinner with friends will become a memorable event.

How does it work

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During the call we will explain everything to you and see if you will be among the lucky 1,000 to have access

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