What is the wine production specification?

disciplinare di produzione vino

Anyone who wanders around the world of wine, whether for passion or work, occasionally hears about the production specification. But what is it really about? Let's see it briefly.

Production specification, modification to the specification, granted or limited by the specification... But what is it really about?

Wine: what is the specification?

The wine production specification is the set of constraints for the production of a wine: they are rules to be followed inspired by qualitative principles.

For which wines is there a specification?

The specification is a legislative element that characterizes the categories of wines that fall within a denomination of origin ( DOC , DOCG ) or a geographical indication ( IGT ).

What are the primary aspects of a production specification?

In the wine production specifications, among other things, the following are established:

  • The designation of origin or geographical indication;
  • The delimitation of the production area;
  • The physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the wine, in particular the minimum alcoholic strength by volume required for consumption and the minimum natural potential alcoholic strength by volume of the grapes at the time of harvest;
  • The maximum yield of grapes and wine per hectare (established on the basis of the quantitative and qualitative results of the previous five years);
  • The indication of the grape varieties from which the wine is obtained, with any percentages;
  • Training methods, pruning systems and the prohibition of forcing practices;
  • The production conditions and in particular the natural characteristics of the environment, such as climate , soil , location, altitude, exposure.

Are there any secondary aspects in a production specification?

Yes. Other elements, called secondary but equally important, may also be included in the production specifications, such as:

  • Emergency irrigation (i.e. granted in particular conditions, such as in particularly dry years);
  • The exceptions for winemaking and processing in the immediate vicinity of the delimited geographical area;
  • The minimum aging period of the wine, the indication on the type of containers (wooden or other material) and the refinement time in the bottle;
  • Bottling in a delimited area;
  • The capacity and closure systems of bottles and other containers permitted.

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