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What is Coravin? A complete guide

Cos’è il Coravin? Una guida completa

Tasting different wines in the same evening without the thought of having to finish the bottle? Yes it can. Here's what you need to know about the Coravin and how this innovative system, well known to sommeliers and other professionals, works. A complete guide.

Tasting a wine without uncorking the bottle? It can be done using the Coravin. We have put together a complete guide to choosing and using the tool.

What is Coravin?

It is a tool for pouring wine that uses a technology patented in 2011: it allows you to fill a glass of wine without removing the cork . The bottle does not have to be finished and can therefore be consumed over time.

Who invented the Coravin?

Greg Lambrecht , New York serial inventor, holds a degree in mechanical and nuclear engineering from MIT. He starts from the problems and finds solutions.

How does the Coravin work?

The principle is that a needle pierces the cork and the wine taken from the bottle is replaced by argon: a pressurized gas (non-harmful gas: inert, odourless, tasteless) capable of preserving the wine for a very long time.

The oxygen therefore does not come into contact with the wine and once the needle is removed, the cork closes naturally and continues to protect the wine for months and even years (up to 3).

Is there a Coravin for screw caps?

Yes. Coravin screw caps must be purchased and replaced with those of the bottle in question, which in this case must therefore be uncorked. Coravin screw caps are self-sealing silicone and can each be punctured 50 times. The Coravin screw cap wine bottle can be stored for a maximum of 3 months.

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Is there a Coravin for sparkling wines?

Yes, it preserves the bubbles thanks to the gas pressure and instead of argon it introduces carbon dioxide .

How many Coravin needles are available?

Coravin offers different types of needles:

  • the standard one;
  • a thicker one for faster pouring (the cap must be in perfect condition);
  • a thinner one for vintage wines that risk having fragile corks.

How does the Coravin change our lives?

For wine lovers, the Coravin was a real revolution . Because tasting changes a lot, eliminating a rule that has always been in force: the bottle no longer necessarily needs to be finished when it is uncorked or in the following days. This is true at home as well as in clubs, which if they use the Coravin can offer many more labels.

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How to keep the Coravin in perfect condition?

The Coravin needs to be cleaned regularly. The nozzle and needle should be rinsed with water , without soap, and dried with a soft cloth. A small amount of gas should be let off to dry the inside of the needle as well.

These simple cleanings, done periodically, will keep it in perfect condition.

How much does the Coravin cost?

There are various models: they range from around 200 euros up to 550 . The differences? Materials, accessories, colours, aesthetics, even ignition via app.

The Pivot, on the other hand, costs less because the operation is different: the bottle cap must be removed and replaced with the one supplied, so it is suitable for simpler wines, which with this system can be preserved for up to a month after opening.

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For which wines is Coravin suitable?

The Coravin has a cost (initial and gas refills) that justifies the use with rather expensive bottles .

In short: what the Coravin is for

Coravin for wine bars, restaurants and wine shops

  • Allows you to increase the number of labels available on the glass.
  • It allows you to offer expensive wines by the glass.
  • More rarely, but it can happen that during tastings the Coravin is used to fill glasses with identical quantities of wine.

Coravin for winelover

  • It is useful for those who drink wine in small quantities and also like to do it alone.
  • For those who have a wine collection : to enjoy even single glasses of expensive wines and – why not? – also offer them to guests.
  • It is useful for testing the evolution of a wine by tasting it over time.
  • It gives the opportunity to taste different wines even if there are only a few people.

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