temperatura del vino

How to bring red wine to the correct temperature?

Come portare il vino rosso alla temperatura corretta?

We've all taken a sip of red wine and found it astringent. Wine served too cold is a real shame: here's how to bring it to the correct temperature in just a few minutes.

When tasting red wine, the correct serving temperature should not be emphasized. Let's see why.

What happens if red wine is served too cold?

Wine served too cold will show its harshness (tannin, flavor, acidity) more evidently. In particular, if the red one is served too cold, the roundness, the tannic roundness and the softness are lost.

What is the perfect temperature for red wine?

The premise is that talking about the perfect temperature for "red wine" is a simplification: the perfect temperature must be found in the specificity of the exact label you intend to uncork, which has a history of its own.

Vintage red wines , those that are ready to drink, which usually have a modest tannic profile, should be served around 14-15° C.

The increasingly complex red wines, characterized by long refinements , should be served at higher temperatures, around 16-18° C.

How to quickly bring red wine to the correct temperature?

If we realize that we have served the red wine too cold, we can quickly raise the temperature by wrapping the bottle with a cloth moistened in hot water .

Tricks for serving red wine at the correct temperature

1. In the case of very important red wines, the ideal is to reach the correct serving temperature while aerating the wine in the glass. A Barolo can therefore be served at 15° C while: it will warm up slowly while it will oxygenate.

2. A recommendation: never serve light-hearted red wine at a temperature higher than 18° C. There are quite few wines that express themselves at their best at these temperatures.

3. Before serving, red wines should be stored in the home cellar at around 12-15° C. If you want to find out everything about storing wine at home, we have written a complete guide .

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