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When it comes to tasting and enjoying a good wine, it is essential to have the right tools available. One of these essential tools is the double blade bottle opener. In this guide, we'll explore the importance of having the right wine tools, delve into the world of the double-blade wine opener, discuss when it's appropriate to use it, and learn how to make the most of its features.

A complete guide to using the double blade bottle opener.

The right wine tools

For wine enthusiasts, having the proper tools is essential to enjoy optimal tasting. In addition to the right glass, the bottle opener is a fundamental tool, much more than the decanter . Not only does it make opening the bottle easier, but it also helps preserve the integrity of the cork and the wine contained inside. The double-blade bottle opener is a common choice among sommeliers and connoisseurs due to its simple ease of use but still not very popular among wine enthusiasts.

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What is Double Blade Bottle Opener

The double blade bottle opener is a tool designed to open wine bottles with ease and precision. Its distinctive feature is the presence of two sharp blades that fit precisely into the sides of the cap. The double blade offers great stability when opening the bottle, avoiding unwanted cork breakage and damage to the wine. The double blade bottle opener is generally made of stainless steel, ensuring sturdiness and durability.

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When to use the double blade bottle opener

The double-blade bottle opener is suitable for opening wine bottles where there is concern about the tightness of the cork stopper, and in particular it is used for wines aged for a long time. This tool allows you to remove the cork precisely, preventing unwanted fragments from ending up inside the bottle. Furthermore, the double-blade bottle opener can also be used to put the cork back into the bottle, in case you do not consume the entire quantity of wine, you want to close it again and you do not have the specific cork with pump to suck out the wine. air.

double blade bottle opener

How to use the double blade bottle opener

1. Place the double-bladed bottle opener on top of the bottle, so that the two blades are on the sides of the cork, between the cork and the glass, inserting the long blade first.

2. Push the double-bladed bottle opener all the way down.

3. Grip the bottle opener firmly by the handle and rotate the bottle opener, pulling the cork out.

And voilà.

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