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A journey to discover wines, winemakers and unique territories

Discover something new in each box

Here's what's in each box

Niche wines

Selected by the Personal Sommelier according to everyone's tastes

Ecological anti-breakage pack

The bottles are safe thanks to a completely recycled and plastic-free patented pack.
Don't worry, if a bottle broke, we'll refund it!

Information material

Each bottle is explained by an informative PDF with all the notions on the territory, cellar and the winemaking, in order to reveal every secret of the wine you taste!

What are you looking for?

Wines from niche wineries that you will like

We create tailor-made selections according to your tastes, you can:

  • discover niche wines in line with your preferences
  • agree on the selections being inspired by an expert sommelier
  • discover the secrets of each wine thanks to information material

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Always different wine territories to discover

For each selection you will receive 3 wines from the same territory , you will be able to:

  • explore a different territory with each selection received
  • agree wines and territories with your personal sommelier
  • receive the information material of each wine in PDF to discover its secrets

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The perfect gift for wine enthusiasts

You will give an unconventional gift that lasts over time; the recipient will be able to:

  • receive niche wines based on its tastes
  • have varied selections of wines from different territories or themes
  • discover every wine's secrets inside its informational PDF

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What makes our wines so special?

Quality, at the right price

Spend a lot to drink well is easy, but the real challenge is to find goodies with the best quality price, and this is what we do for you every day


We only include products from small cellars that are selected one by one, because we think that these artisan realities represent winemaking excellence


We collaborate with the best experts in the sector to offer excellent products, which represent the territory or are outside the classic schemes