vini beverini

Altitude wines

Vini di altitudine

The altitude at which the grape grows is a key element of the wine it will produce.

Cultivating vineyards on hills or even at high altitude means finding an increasingly cooler, ventilated climate, characterized by a large temperature range between day and night. In the hills and mountains the grapes ripen more slowly than in the vineyards located on the plains: the life cycle of the vine is slower. The wind then helps to combat diseases and the snow creates a very useful water reservoir for times of drought.

For those who make wine, the higher you go the more difficult viticulture becomes and requires totally manual interventions.

All this (even the effort!) can be found inside the glass. The results of the altitude, in the wine, materialize in greater acidity, richness of refreshing sensations, interesting results of complexity.

In September 2021 we proposed wines whose grapes are grown from 400 to 700 meters above sea level: from the Aosta Valley to Veneto, from Lazio to Molise.

Here's the selection!

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