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Pinot Noir expressions

Espressioni di Pinot Nero

Difficult, unpredictable, delicate; and at the same time fascinating and exhilarating. Pinot noir is genius and recklessness, like a playmaker on a bad day, capable of solving the match with a shot from 40 metres.

An ancient black grape native to Burgundy, it is the progenitor of the Pinot family. At home it expresses the maximum hints of elegance and versatility.

It is also known for admirably recording the many nuances of different terroirs, since it expresses itself differently based on different production areas.

Why is growing it difficult? Because it does not allow for errors: it requires maximum meticulousness and scruple, in the vineyard and in the cellar. It tends to produce too much and if you harvest by looking at the quantity you lose its expressive baggage. And then it is subject to mold because the bunches are very dense. It is not always suitable for aging, a lot depends on the vintage and the amount of acidity.

But grown in the right conditions, Pinot Noir gives wines of rare elegance.

Very widespread at an international level, it reached Italy at the end of the nineteenth century and here found some territories in which to express itself at its best, thanks to the simultaneous presence of favorable territorial elements in terms of climate and location. Over time it has carved out an increasingly important space for itself from a qualitative point of view: the Oltrepò Pavese and Alto Adige have led the way, but it also achieves interesting results in Trentino and in some areas of Tuscany, where it has found an expressive way personal where it clearly reflects the territorial matrix.

In December 2021 we discovered various interpretations of pure Pinot Noir: we started from the extreme elegance of Burgundy and went to the Loire, to then discover the nuances it acquires in Oltrepò Pavese and Trentino, up to Tuscany.

Here's the selection!

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