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News from the world of wine: October 2021

Notizie dal mondo del vino: ottobre 2021

Market, events, balance sheets of recent fairs and upcoming events, important new research... here are the main wine news for October 2021.

Here's the October 2021 wine news for us to know.

1. Le Donne del Vino Association: proposals and research

The Le Donne del Vino Association has proposed an experimental project : to include wine as a study subject in tourism and hotel institutes.

Among others, Repubblica writes about it.

The same association, whose president is Donatella Cinelli Colombini, is among the promoters, with Unione Italiana Vini, of a research carried out by the University of Siena on the gender gap in the world of wine , to take stock of the topic of women's role in the world oenological. The results were presented at Wine2Wine : more and more women are active, especially in the commercial, marketing and tourism sectors, but many critical issues still remain , including job insecurity, salary discrepancies, violence. An in-depth analysis on this last point on Wine News .

2. Wine market

Despite the pandemic, the Italian wine market is growing, both locally and abroad. The expansion of Italian agri-food attracts the attention of young people, new producers and the international market.

Italy confirms itself as world leader ahead of Spain and France in terms of number of varieties registered in the vine register and volume of exports , according to an interesting research by the Rome Business School .

3. Industry events and trade fairs

Behind us are the Milan Wine Week (which we read about in many places, including on Adnkronos , TGCOM24 , Civiltà del bere ), the Modena Champagne Experience (which La gazzetta del gusto writes about among others), the Vinitaly Special Edition , all focused on operators .

In November there will be the Merano Wine Festival and the independent winemakers' wine market in Piacenza.

A complete list of wine events and some reflections by Francesco Saverio Russo on Wine Blog Roll .

4. Wine and climate change

We read about the impact of climate change on the wine world, and in particular about Miguel A Torres and the International Wineries Climate Action, on Decanter .

The IWCA was founded in 2019 and today has 24 member wineries from 7 different countries on five different continents. The members have the objective of significantly reducing the CO2 produced, to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, i.e. the so-called "zero emissions".

The 2021 report can be downloaded here .

Practically the entire issue ofIl Sommelier is dedicated to the theme of climate change.

5. News for the history of wine

Big archaeological discovery in Israel, where in Yavne archaeologists found a large wine production area , dating back to 1500 years ago.

Al Jazeera wrote about it extensively. And you can read about it in Italian here .

6. An Italian story

From Brianza to New York, a couple leaves everything and opens four clubs. The particularity? They are the only ones in the Big Apple to offer only natural wines. Repubblica writes about it.

7. Best sommelier in Italy FISAR 2021

Marta Ingegneri is the best FISAR sommelier in Italy, awarded on 23 October at the national congress in Paestum. Very rapid rise, which we had the pleasure of talking about with her .

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