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News from the world of wine: April 2022

Notizie dal mondo del vino: aprile 2022

What happened in April 2022 in the world of wine? Let's see together what we will remember this month from the point of view of wine news, in a moment still dominated by the results of the war in Ukraine and by the reflections arising from the 54th edition of Vinitaly.

The 2022 wine news you need to know.


The 2022 edition of Vinitaly will also be remembered for having brought to the attention of public opinion the problems that serious inconveniences are creating for sector operators with increases and delays in supply , a trend that began even before the war in Ukraine and was certainly exacerbated by it. .

In particular, there is a shortage of glass: a problem that is most felt by producers of sparkling wines, which, unlike other wines, cannot be bottled in less heavy bottles since the pressure of carbon dioxide requires containers of greater thickness.

You read about it in various places, including here , here , here and here .


Once Vinitaly ended, Matteo Ascheri (president of the Barolo and Barbaresco Consortium) made it official that the one just concluded was the last Vinitaly for him, the fair being in his opinion a model that needs to be profoundly rethought. The idea has been circulating among industry insiders for some time that selection at the entrance to the fair is still too timid.


Richard Geoffroy , former Chef de Cave of Dom Perignon, arrives in Franciacorta, in Bellavista : he was called to become advisor to Francesca Moretti, the family oenologist, to help her and her entire technical team to ferry Bellavista towards the future.

Wine News writes about it among others.


After the controversy linked to the case of Raìna, who decided to leave the denomination with all its labels after the Montefalco and Spoleto DOC commission deemed his Trebbiano Spoletino 2021 "revisable", also De Bartoli , the well-known producer Sicilian, give up the Doc Sicilia for the Vigna Verde 2021 (100% cricket).

The commission in fact considered it "reviewable" because it did not fully correspond to what was foreseen in the specifications. Rather than send back a sample, the winery decided to downgrade the label to Bianco Terre Siciliane and not give up on continuing to produce it in a completely natural way.


In Italy we drink more and more organic. In particular, the share of Italians who have had at least one occasion of consuming organic wine in the last year is 51% and the trend is continuously increasing. You can read about it here .

New consumption data have been released with reference to the American market.

Again in the United States , an insight into the consumption of millennials can be read here .


An alternative to sulphites ? New research shows how using alternative yeasts could be an effective way to reduce the use of sulfur dioxide.


News about NFTs in wine is now commonplace .

To the point that some wonder why the wine world is obsessed with it . The very characteristics of NFTs are involved, which guarantee authenticity and traceability , giving security to buyers as well as producers, especially those of rare bottles, who can now trace their bottles and continue to earn part of them even when they are traded on the market secondary. Classic example: an auction.


Mourning in Valpolicella: Franco Allegrini , of the historic and namesake company, which he had contributed significantly to bringing to the heights we know today, has died , thanks to his great competence and trust in innovation.

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