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Three rules for pairing pumpkin and wine

zucca e vino abbinamenti

Pumpkin is a fantastic fruit: colorful and with a delicate and unmistakable flavour. In fact, you either love it or hate it. Let's see together how to combine it with wine, to maximize its characteristics and prepare unforgettable lunches.

Do you love pumpkin but don't know how to combine it well? Here are the rules for choosing the right wine to pair with pumpkin.

1. Match pumpkin and wine by similarity

The structure and intensity of the pumpkin must be matched by similarity, that is, they are elements that must be on the same level. Pumpkin has a delicate flavor and is not very structured : pair it with a wine of equal intensity, which does not overpower it.

2. Pair pumpkin and wine for contrast

Fatty, flavor, pungency, acidity, sweet or salty tendency are characteristics that must be contrasted. Pumpkin has a sweet tendency and in preparations it often acquires a certain fatty characteristic which contrasts with dry, fresh or effervescent wines.

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3. Pair pumpkin and wine with a local pairing

Whenever possible, pairing food and wine from the same territory is always a winning idea: you can practically never go wrong.

Pumpkin and wine pairing tips from the Sommelier Wine Box

Pumpkin and Friulano velouté : the sweet tendency is contrasted by the flavor of the white wine, for a balanced and successful combination.
Pumpkin and Roero Arneis risotto , also in the sparkling version: the aroma of the pumpkin is balanced with equal intensity by the aromas of the Arneis.
Baked pumpkin and Chardonnay , for a simple and highly effective combination: the delicately spicy notes of Chardonnay, if aged a little in wood, match perfectly with the aromas of pumpkin and the sweet tendency is well contrasted by a dry wine.
Tortelli with Mantuan pumpkin and Labrusco province of Mantua : the fattiness of the dish is "cleaned" by the Lambrusco: two champions of the territory get married in a practically perfect marriage.
Fried courgette flowers and Cremant from Alsace , which perfectly degreases the palate and prepares it for another bite and the next sip.
Pumpkin cake and Trentino Nosiola : in the sweet pumpkin version, a pairing with a sweet wine is required, and this is just one of the many possibilities.

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