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All the advantages of having a wine subscription

Come scegliere il miglior abbonamento vino

Looking for a wine subscription? After its success for decades in the Anglo-Saxon world, today the 'Netflix model' is imposing itself in the Italian wine world: let's see all the advantages of having a wine subscription service, i.e. a wine club.

Wine clubs, wine subscriptions, mystery boxes with bottles that arrive directly at your home, with more or less anticipation, more or less choice... this service originated in the United States and offers many advantages for curious drinkers and winelovers interested in a different kind of consumption, which is also conscious and informed. In this article we see all the advantages of having a wine subscription.

Wine subscription: it's convenient

Subscription wine services may offer different formulas and plans but one thing is certain: the bottles arrive directly at home, on regular basis.

Wine subscription: never run out

Having a wine subscription allows you to obtain a constant supply of bottles, , in more or less customisable quantities. One never runs out of wine, therefore, and in the case of premium solutions such as our Expert Box, one can build and enrich one's collection with important and long-lived wines, to be stored in the cellar for many years and uncorked at special moments.

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Wine subscription: it's flexible

Today's world of wine subscriptions is no longer the same as in decades past: apart from the various types available, wine subscriptions today are also smart and flexible, can be managed online and can be suspended at any time, and allow a month to be skipped or cancelled. Cost-free, of course.

The offers are variable, we at Sommelier Wine Box also offer flexible solutions on the number of bottles to receive, frequency, price ranges of wines.

Wine subscription: a revelation

The variety of labels may be greater or lesser, however, receiving wine subscriptions leads to the discovery of bottles and wine territories that one did not know about, and to new tastings. This is certainly one of the most fascinating aspects of having a wine subscription.

Wine subscription: selected

When proposing bottles monthly, online wine clubs make a selection of worthy bottles and wineries.

We at Sommelier Wine Box build the selections, in which we offer wines from small, excellent wineries, thanks to the expertise of some of the best sommeliers around. An algorithm profiles the tastes of each individual, to offer 100% customised bottle selections.


Wine subscription: quality-price

We are well aware of this: wine subscriptions are based on a relationship of trust with one's customers, who continue to be supplied month after month with this or that service if they are satisfied with it. The quality of the offer has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but those who offer wine subscriptions to a loyal clientele today certainly offer an advantageous price-quality ratio and an added value that encourages them to remain subscribers month after month.

Wine subscription: extra services

Sometimes having a wine club also means being able to enjoy extra services.

Thus: discounts on wines in the catalogue or on repurchases, wine master classes with wineries and experts, in-depth content, flash sales, agreements with wineries for dedicated visits, up to consultancy services or the booking of limited edition bottles… These are all additional services that not all wine clubs offer, but those that do create cohesive and passionate communities and generate a lot of value for the customer. Moreover, these are services that are often not available on the site, precisely because they are member-only benefits.

In our case, they are conveyed through personalised communications, the dedicated app for subscribers and through the newsletter.


Wine subscription: a way to learn

Compared to classic, catalogue-based e-commerce, wine clubs propose conscious consumption, sometimes offering information material accompanying the bottles.

We at Sommelier Wine Box believe in this and have consistently increased the quality of how we narrate the selections, giving information on wines and wineries, tasting notes but also the main features of the territory and tasting tips via a dedicated app subscribers. This is because we believe that the magic of wine comes through understanding it.

Want to discover niche wines from around the world? Discover our subscription: expert sommeliers at your service to create customised selections for you, according to your tastes.

In case you don't like the wines: we'll give you a refund!

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So let's tell you a few words about Sommelier Wine Box

We create wine itineraries to discover extraordinary wines, territories and cellars, telling their stories and secrets.

There is no point in hiding, not all wines of the same price are the same , which is why we collaborate with great sommeliers to select only niche wineries and offer our customers the wines with the best quality/price on the market.