Four things to know about Brescia wines

Vini di Brescia

Brescia is one of the most densely industrialized areas of Italy, and at the same time among the most important wine-growing areas of Lombardy, with peaks of absolute excellence. For this reason, we have collected the four things you-can't-know about the wines of Brescia.

Lombardy in the past was one of the most vine-growing regions in Italy. Over time, thanks to the damage caused by phylloxera (particularly extensive in this region), viticulture has gradually become increasingly restricted to the areas most suitable for growing grapes. The one from Brescia is definitely one of these. Here are the four things we think you should know about Brescia wines.

1️⃣ History of Brescia wines

In Brescia (between Desenzano del Garda and Lonato) the vine has been documented since the Ancient Bronze Age , almost 2,000 years before Roman civilization.

2️⃣ Geography of Brescia wines

Brescia boasts a DOCG , the well-known Franciacorta, and various DOCs : Botticino, Capriano del Colle, Cellatica, Curtefranca, Garda, Garda Bresciano, Lugana, San Martino della Battaglia, Valtènesi.

3️⃣ The native vines of Brescia

The native vines par excellence of Brescia are Groppello (red grape), Trebbiano di Lugana and Invernenga (white grape).

4️⃣ Franciacorta records

The best-known wine area in the Brescia area is Franciacorta , the first in Italy to have received the DOCG for the Classic Method . With the sole term "Franciacorta", without further specifications, the territory , the production method and also the wine are defined: this is possible, in Europe, only with 3 denominations dedicated to the Classic Method: Cava, Champagne and Franciacorta precisely.

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