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What are the wine podcasts to listen to?

Quali sono i podcast di vino da ascoltare?

Podcasts are finally experiencing a golden moment - destined to last - offering undoubted advantages to those who love the genre, advantages that range from the possibility of getting informed by doing something else to learning new things without major costs, to always being up to date and also exploring areas and topics distant from their own. Let's see what the world of wine offers today in terms of podcast audio content.

The world of wine has recently started to explore the podcast tool, and it is to be expected that the offer will be expanded and sophisticated in the coming years. Here are the wine podcasts you should know among those currently available.

Here are the 11 wine podcasts we have selected for you, excluding deferred radio and audiobooks.

1. DOI - invented denomination of origin

Podcast series born from an intelligent and hilarious idea: it is a "counter-history" of some of the sacred monsters of Italian food and wine culture, dispelling myths and clichés. In the two seasons, an episode is also dedicated to wine. By Alberto Grandi and Daniele Soffiati.

2. The back label

Francesco Minetti, Graziano Nani and Jacopo Cossater talk about the world of wine communication in an informed and informal way: a series of 16 episodes.

3. Wine Heroes

Joe Bastianich (well-known restaurateur, entrepreneur and musician ) goes around Italy to talk about heroic wines from the entire peninsula: 10 episodes, 10 territories, 20 stories of winemakers.

4. Wine on the couch

Project by Jacopo Cossater which started in 2018: two seasons with the protagonists of wine (the first) and producers (the second), for episodes of approximately 45 minutes.

A special mention goes to the episode featuring Walter Massa, an enlightened winemaker from the Tortonesi Hills who was responsible, among other things, for the recovery of the native Timorasso.

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5. Zero sulphites

A podcast in which Marco Romanini – wine specialist and sommelier – tackles and talks about tasting from a technical point of view. An audio series available on Apple podcasts.

6. The Quartino of Intravino

The audio version of the daily live broadcasts made on Facebook by Intravino (collective wine blog, a must for all people passionate about wine) with numerous guests from the wine world: 57 episodes created between May and June 2020.

7. The taste of Made in Italy

Podcast series created by Gambero Rosso which collects interviews, insights and ideas on various realities including some wineries: these are companies that took part in "Imprese Vincenti", an Intesa Sanpaolo programme.

8. Post-port

A series on the Abruzzo area by Anna CIafardoni and Chiara Buoni, whose episode 12 is dedicated to wine. Guest is Matteo Gallello, wine taster, teacher and former editor of Porthos , an important magazine dedicated to food and wine .

9. Tannico's wine podcast

Marco Rossi (head of the Tannico Flying School) talks about territories, cellars and wines, Italian and beyond. The approach is regional, with meticulous insights that map the great wine territories.

10. Italian Wines Podcast

Podcast by Stefano Quaglierini, wine popularizer and founder of Italian Wines, launched at the beginning of 2020. It starts from viticulture to arrive at wine territories and the more technical aspects of tasting, also with Q&A and interviews.

11. Italian Wine Drunkposting

Podcast that talks about the world of wine taken from the perspective of those who work there (winemakers, winemakers, winemakers, influencers, sommeliers, journalists, buyers...), with a pleasantly direct accent, in continuity with the satirical pages of the same name on Facebook and Instagram spreading memes about wine.

Wine podcasting in Italy

The question at this point is: is the world of wine exploiting the potential of podcasts? In the last two years, podcast listening has grown significantly in Italy, with an intensity comparable to that of few other countries in the world.
There is a lack of truly exhaustive data on podcast listeners in Italy, however the people who listened to at least one in 2021 are between 14.5 and 9.3 million (the difference: whether or not audiobooks + time-shifted radio are counted).
In this context, the offer of wine-themed podcasts faces great growth opportunities, in terms of numbers, variety and qualitative sophistication.

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