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Wine helps you find love: here's how

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Have you ever thought of wine as a Cupid? Well yes, here are all the reasons why wine proves to be a precious ally in sentimental situations: from the first meeting... to marriage. We have collected all the ideas on how to find love thanks to Bacchus' drink.

Here's how to use wine to find love, if you want to find it 😉.

Wine: an opportunity to get to know each other

From the conversation at the wine shop counter to the sommelier course, from the tasting event to the fair, from the vertical to the many online communities... wine brings with it numerous opportunities to meet new people , who are also united by a common, very strong passion .

The first date

Going for a glass of wine is a great idea to go out without obligation: an effective way to shift the focus.

For the more pros, the opportunity to see each other can arise from the desire to uncork an important bottle . A small event that will immediately dye your attendance with a special color.

What about the conduct of the first date, then? By its very nature, wine helps break the ice and facilitate conversation , as well as offering virtually endless topics for discussion.

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Out to dinner

Ordering wine at a restaurant is a fun and important moment of dinner, which can turn into an embarrassing moment when tasting it.

But don't worry, to overcome it with class , all you need are a few simple rules that we have collected here .

The first dinner at home

Wine is the passepartout par excellence: it is simply perfect to bring to dinner for the first invitation home.

And for true connoisseurs, showing off your bottle collection will be a super fun moment.

If you want to build your own cellar, we always include bottles to collect in the "expert" plan of our subscription service.

Having lunch with his parents

An important bottle is always the impressive gift to bring to parents when that moment arrives. For all budgets and with the possibility of meeting the tastes of the recipient.

Here you will find our proposals for giving unique wines as gifts.

Trips out of town

More than a drink, wine is a cultural product, the product of a territory and specific people. For this reason, the wine world offers many ideas for spending weekends away from home : from lunch in an old tavern in the Langhe to visits to the cellar, from a walk through the vineyards to the harvest for those who love to try their hand at activities that are different from the ordinary.

If it's true love

Who wants a wedding party without wine?

If it's true true love

For relationships that really have the strength to last over time, a glass always helps to calm things down , to make the necessary compromises with a smile, to bring problems back to their proper dimension. And to enjoy the happiness of the moment.

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