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With the arrival of summer and hot days nothing is more pleasant than relaxing under the umbrella with a glass of cool and refreshing wine. Here are our tips for choosing the right wine and making the most of every sip.

In this article we explore the characteristics that make a wine particularly suitable for summer and heat, along with techniques for quickly chilling a bottle if you need to organize a last-minute toast.

Characteristics of a perfect wine for summer

A wine to be tasted under an umbrella must have some characteristics.

1. Freshness is essential

A fresh wine, i.e. one with a marked acidity, helps to counteract the sensation of heat and leaves a pleasant feeling of refreshment in the mouth. White wines and bubbles in particular are an excellent choice to refresh the palate during summer days.

Even some rosé wines can be excellent, as long as they are fresh and not too soft, as they give a lighter structure than reds

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2. A summer wine must be light and drinkable

In addition to freshness, the light, unstructured body is a fundamental requirement for a beach wine.

It is important to remember that a light wine does not necessarily have to sacrifice aromas and variety of flavors: it is possible to find summer wines that offer complex aromatic nuances and a balanced structure.

3. An umbrella wine has little alcohol

The contained alcohol volume is another desirable characteristic in a summer wine. During hot days, a wine with a low alcohol content is decidedly pleasant. In fact, it should not be forgotten that alcohol has a vasodilatory effect on blood vessels, which is perceived as heat.

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