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Where do you put wine glasses at the table?

calici a tavola

Whether it's Christmas, Easter, a dinner with friends or even a solo lunch to make special, preparing the table well is aesthetically satisfying and very satisfying. Here are the little rules you need to know to correctly arrange the glasses on the laid table. And make a great impression.

The glass is not only the container which, thanks to its shape, allows the perfect tasting of wine, but also a very elegant object which embellishes the table. Let's see how to correctly arrange the glasses and some advice for an impeccable mise en place .

Where do you put the wine glasses at the table?

When setting the table, the series of glasses should be placed to the right of the plate, obliquely above the cutlery, proceeding from right to left. First you put the white wine glass, then the red wine glass, then the water glass . If there is a flute , it is placed at the beginning, towards the center of the table.

The glasses for dessert wine, the only ones for which colored glass is allowed, are brought to the table at the end of the lunch, after having removed the others.

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Are there other rules for preparing the table well?

Do not fill the glasses to the brim : in addition to not being elegant, this does not allow you to swirl the glass with the wine inside to release the aromas.

Arrange the table keeping in mind the comfort of the guests: therefore sufficient and regular distances .

It is always recommended to lay a protective cloth (the felt cloth) under the tablecloth, to muffle the noise of the dishes and not damage the table with impacts and heat.

The napkins : cloth.

Don't put plastic bottles on the table: green light for carafes or possibly glass bottles. Sparkling and still water must be brought to the correct temperature (ice is banned at formal tables) and to distinguish them you can use carafes with different decorations or put a small ribbon on one of the two.

For a touch of real class, the mise en place should be personalized with creative centrepieces . From acorns for Christmas to eggs at Easter time, to the classic fresh flowers... the important thing is that the centerpiece is not too bulky.

Are there new trends in table setting?

For more creative tables, a new trend that deviates from classic etiquette is to use cutlery rests: small bars of steel, wood, silver... of different shapes, where cutlery can be placed if they are not expected to be replaced during the meal .

These are the main rules to pay attention to when preparing the table, rules that everyone personalizes based on their own sensitivity.

Enjoy your meal and remember… don't leave the table before everyone has finished!

And to discover the right glass for each type of wine , read the small guide we have written.

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