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How to give wine as a gift without making mistakes?

scegliere vino regalare

Wine packages, tastings in a wine shop or cellar, fine bottles to give as gifts at Christmas... wine is the perfect gift for all occasions. Here are the tips from Sommelier Wine Box for giving the right bottle as a gift.

Giving bottles of wine as gifts is always a refined and appreciated gesture: let's see together how to get the gift right on every occasion and for everyone, spending the right amount.


  • Give wine to bring to lunch : informal and formal invitation
  • Giving wine as a gift to people who are passionate about wine : knowing the tastes of those who receive it or not
  • Give wine as a gift to someone who is taking the sommelier course
  • Giving wine as a gift to make a "good impression" : budget, tastes and characteristics of the recipient
  • Give wine as a gift without spending too much
  • A free consultation for your gifts

Give wine as a gift to bring to lunch

If you receive an invitation to the home of friends or relatives, giving a bottle of wine as a gift is a great passe-partout: you can never go wrong. Just distinguish between formal and informal occasions.

Informal invitation

In this case, the choice of bottle can be made more lightly, asking what will be served for lunch and then agreeing on a wine that pairs well with one of the dishes. The bottle will be uncorked upon your arrival, so make sure you bring it to the right temperature already.

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Formal invitation

In the case of a formal invitation (an important reception, an engagement party, an official lunch...) the wine will not be uncorked upon your arrival and the choice will be dictated by other criteria: once the budget has been established, you can choose a bottle - or more of one - because you know that that wine is particularly appreciated or, in the absence of this information, you can opt for "name" solutions, useful for making a "good impression".

Give wine as a gift to people who are passionate about wine

Donating a bottle of wine to someone who is passionate about the world of wine is the perfect idea, but some precautions are needed. Those who love wine will easily have tasted many different bottles, know the main denominations of their country and perhaps even those of the main winemaking territories in the world. The nice thing is that usually those who love wine also love to experiment, so there are two paths.

1. If you know of a special passion for a type (white, red, rosé, orange or sparkling wine), a specific denomination or a particular grape variety, you can give a bottle of that type from a small winery as a gift. It will definitely be a success in case it is known and even if it is not.

2. If you don't have information on the preferences of the person who is to receive the gift, the advice is still to give particular bottles, from niche wineries, away from the big names: the gift will be special, refined and effective.

But how to actually do it? Give a subscription of niche wines signed by Sommelier Wine Box : our sommeliers will create personalized selections of niche wines based on the tastes of the recipient, and you can decide whether to give us the recipient's preferences or whether to let the lucky person fill them in directly.

Give wine as a gift to someone who is taking the sommelier course

What's better than giving excellent bottles to those who are attending the course to become a sommelier? Probably nothing, because to learn and understand, as we know, you have to taste a lot.

An idea that is certainly appreciated is to donate one or possibly more bottles of the world's great denominations: it is the perfect way to understand differences and particularities, and never forget them.

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give bottles of wine as gifts

Giving wine as a gift to make a "good impression"

Who doesn't want to make a good impression by giving wine as a gift? Nobody, they will say. But there are occasions when you really don't want to make mistakes.

1. The first step is to establish your budget .

2. Within the defined budget, the second step is to evaluate the characteristics of the person who will receive the gift:

- Do you really love tasting wine, and do you do it regularly? Giving away multiple bottles certainly makes for a great scene. Or a wine subscription like the one at Sommelier Wine Box, to extend the gift over time, as long as you want.

- Don't you know if he loves wine? Aim for a higher quality bottle (or two).

- Are you a curious person? Give wines from territories far from his origin or from where he lives: he will appreciate them as opportunities for discovery like real journeys.

Give wine as a gift without spending too much

Giving wine as a gift is a great way to give a special gift, with a wide range of prices available. If you don't want to spend too much, there are many wineries that guarantee excellent value for money .

Finding them is not easy, and sometimes the label may not be fashionable or aesthetically up-to-date, but the tasting is very satisfying.

Do you want to give special gifts?

If you've read this far, you're one of us!

So let's tell you a few words about Sommelier Wine Box

We create wine itineraries to discover extraordinary wines, territories and cellars, telling their stories and secrets.

There is no point in hiding, not all wines of the same price are the same , which is why we collaborate with great sommeliers to select only niche wineries and offer our customers the wines with the best quality/price on the market.