abbonamento vino

How to have shining glasses: four secrets

calici da vino splendenti

The tasting of wine, and indeed the very understanding of its quality, starts from the glass into which it is poured, which must always be perfectly clean, indeed shining. Let's see how to do it.

Four tips (+ a bonus) for all people who are passionate about wine, to always have shining glasses: the only ones that allow you to perfectly evaluate the quality and characteristics of the wine, especially with regards to the colour, fluidity and perlage for the bubbles.

How to always have perfectly clean glasses

1. Wash the glasses by hand, with hot water and absolutely no detergent (if necessary, the only one allowed is neutral Marseille soap, to be diluted in water).

2. If you really can't help but put the glasses in the dishwasher, make sure you remove the glasses at the end of the cycle without leaving them in contact with the water vapor.

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3. Then dry the glasses very well with a cloth, preferably linen (not washed with fabric softener).

4. Place the glasses in a clean, odorless and dry cupboard, facing upwards if they risk not being perfectly dry, facing downwards if you have dried them carefully.

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What to do if you find very dirty glasses?

It can happen that the glasses are very dirty, especially following succulent lunches washed down with full-bodied red wines. In this case, wash them with hot water and lemon juice, salt, bicarbonate of soda or vinegar, after soaking them for at least half an hour.

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