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How to drink wine without gaining weight?

vino senza ingrassare

Happiness comes through the little things: a walk by the sea, mother's pasta, friends around a table, the penultimate episode of the most beloved TV series, winning the derby, old songs, a glass of wine at the end day. But can you drink wine without gaining weight? Let's see what you need to know and how to do it.

Giving up the nectar of the gods for fear of gaining weight damages your mood irreversibly. We have therefore collected 6 tips , designed for those who do not want to sacrifice the perfect shape but do not want to take away the incomparable pleasure of an excellent glass of wine.

Of course they are not valid if you are on a strict diet: in that case you just have to follow your doctor's advice and grit your teeth for a while.

Line and wine? A possible marriage

1. The premise is that a glass of wine (150 ml) contains approximately 120 calories : keep this in mind if you accurately calculate your daily calorie intake. We did the precise calculation here .

2. Do sport and try to have a healthy and balanced diet (low fats and sugars, lots of fibre, lean proteins, preferably of vegetable origin...): a glass of wine a day - preferably red, but according to your tastes - doesn't waste it at all. The old teach and science approves.

3. If you are on a diet, eliminate a small part of carbohydrates , perhaps adding vegetables to your meals, so as not to have to give up a sacred glass of wine: the calorie intake will be the same.

4. Pair wine with food , not wine with wine.

5. Drink a glass of water between one glass and another, especially in summer: this allows you to hydrate with water and be able to fully enjoy a perhaps small quantity of wine.

6. But above all: drink a glass of good wine , rather than many mediocre ones.

The real pleasure lies in quality.

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