What wine should you pair with panettone?

abbinare panettone e vino Natale pranzo

The Christmas period is associated with joyful images, including that of laden tables, long lunches, cheerful toasts, sweet lights and scents... But how to match the king of Christmas well? Here are three suggestions of wines that perfectly accompany panettone, together with the things you need to know for truly delicious pairings .

Panettone is a delight during the Christmas period, but what wine should you pair it with? Let's see which wines best enhance the flavor of panettone and give sensations of multiplied goodness.

Panettone is a leavened dough dessert (the "Toni's bread", according to the Milanese tradition which wants it to be a poor dessert, made by a scullion of Ludovico il Moro's cook, brought to the duke's table because the one prepared had been burned) , which gives a clear sweet and aromatic perception. The fatty sensations are perceptible, as are the aromas also given by raisins and candied fruit.

Panettone goes well with sweet wines

Let's start from one point: sweet wines require pairings with sweet wines. As far as sweetness is concerned, the pairing is done by analogy . This is also the case for panettone: the myth of panettone with dry sparkling wine must be dispelled but this delicious dessert needs to be paired with sweet wines instead.

1. Panettone and Asti sparkling wine

If you are looking for a great classic, nothing more than Asti sparkling wine and panettone. The panettone has a nice softness, which contrasts well with the freshness and effervescence of the Asti spumante, a sweet wine (Charmat method), aromatic and low in alcohol: the wine contrasts the spongy effect of the panettone, responds with the aromaticity with the aromas of panettone and leaves the mouth perfectly clean thanks to the bubbles, for a new bite.

Serve the Asti spumante cold, between 6 and 8° C.

2. Warm Panettone and Colli Euganei Fior d'Arancio Passito

Another possibility is to pair it with a passito wine such as Colli Euganei Fior d'Arancio Passito, made from yellow muscat grapes. The wine has a beautiful complexity and persistence, which rivals that of the panettone, which should also be tried hot.

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3. Panettone with chocolate and Aleatico from Gradoli

Panettone filled with chocolate is even more structured and complex in aromas and flavours, requiring a wine with greater structure. It can be satisfactorily paired with liqueur wines made from red grapes such as Aleatico di Gradoli, a soft and warm wine, decidedly persistent.

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