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Sommelier Wine Box
Sommelier Wine Box
Sommelier Wine Box

Sommelier Wine Box

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Sommelier Wine Box contains three to six surprise bottles of wine, selected from small niche producers from all over the world.

Choose the plan
Choose the type of journey, the frequency of delivery (how often to receive the boxes), and the number of orders you want to prepay for.

Remember: if you pre-pay for more than one box, you save money!

Journey types

Enthusiast: For those who want to increase its oenological culture: perfect to start! 
For curious people: ideal to refine your palate!
For those who want the maximum and enrich their collection: to receive unique goodies.

Create your profile
Answer the questions and tell the sommeliers what your tastes in food and wine are, so they can create a personalized selection based on your preferences.
Delivery frequency
Purchase of and renewals each

You can save in 3 ways:

1. Choosing more bottles by order (eg: 6 bottles instead of 3): you will have a savings on the price per bottle;

2. Choosing a more dilated reception (eg: 6 bottles every 2 months instead of 3 bottles every month): you will pay less shipments;

1 and 2 can naturally be combined.

3. By purchasing a subscription that includes more pre-paid orders (eg: a quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription compared to that month on a month): pre-pay a major initial amount but you will save the cost of the single box.

Based on what you choose, you will receive 3 or 6 bottles of different wineries, carefully selected by experts based on your tastes. The information material on the App will allow you to find out everything about those wines and those wineries, with combinations, notes and tasting tips.

The first box we send it right away, just time for our sommeliers to select perfect wines for you.

Subsequently The renewals take place on the 27th of the month (based on the plane you have chosen, starting from the month following the order) and the boxes arrive around 10th of the month

The subscription is 100% flexible: You can pause it, reactivate it and delete it when you want, free. You just need to access your personal page in the "Manage subscription" section.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Credo di essere loro cliente da circa 2 anni.
Grazie a loro ho avuto modo di conoscere dei vitigni a me sconosciuti e dei produttori che non avrei mai potuto provare.
Lo Staff mi segue in caso di dubbi o problemi. Anzi, a dicembre 2020 sono stato contattato da loro stessi per un problema, prima che lo scoprissi io.
Cosa chiedere di piรน?
Questi sono ragazzi hanno passione per quello che mettono all'interno delle Box. No, non c'รจ solo del vino, ma la loro conoscenza, la loro anima e la loro passione.
Vi consiglio di provare questa esperienza.
E allo Staff auguro il meglio!


Il servizio รจ superlativo! Vini ottimi e sempre nuovi...tutti da scoprire!!! Assolutamente da provare!


Sono abbonato da 3 anni e non sono mai stato cosรฌ felice! Sono sempre stato curioso di scoprire il mondo del vino, ma non ne ho mai avuto il tempo.
Grazie a SWB sto apprezzando vini che non avevo nemmeno idea esistessero

La mia cantina sta diventando interessante

angela cipriani

Faccio questa recensione dopo 5 mesi di abbonamento: sono soddisfatta dei vini, mi sono sempre piaciuti tranne un paio di bottiglie che non erano nelle mie corde

Clemente Siciliano
Vini personalizzati top

Ero scettico sul passaggio dal percorso tematico al percorso personalizzato, ma sono super soddisfatto!

Guarantee satisfied or refunded

If we won't be able to send you bottles you like, we'll refund you!

Benefits for you

๐Ÿพ Niche bottles
To try non-commercial and carefully selected wines based on your tastes

๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป A personal assistant
At your disposal, to which to contact for any request: selections, oenological preferences, problems with logistics

๐Ÿ‡ Preferences and management change
easy and intuitive to change your subscription at any time to experience new things

โ™ป๏ธ Repurchase and promotions
To buy the bottles you liked again, with discounts dedicated to club members


We analyze your oenological preferences, based on the answers of the questionnaire, and the experts create the selections of perfect wines for you.

We work there with a fantastic team of experts from all over the world: They are some of the best sommeliers in circulation.

The basic principle is that wine is a world too vast (and too good!) To find out everything: for this reason we work with so many experts and we always look for new ones.

Each box contains 3 or 6 bottles of wine (of your choice) The technical sheets of each bottle with tasting notes, tips, curiosities and the history of the winery can be consulted directly from the Sommelier Wine Box App.

Yup, you can always change preferences, or decide to receive only certain types of wines (for example only reds in the winter season).

You can do it in two ways:
1. Enter on your personal page and click on the "Change preferences" button
2. send an email to

We are here for you: write us an email to and tell us your experience: for us it is essential to know to solve the problem and always improve the selections.