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Bruna Grimaldi

A family passion born and raised in the hills of the Barolo Langa, a knowledge handed down and improved over time where, at the centre, there have always been the vineyards and the careful and respectful work of the cycles required by the vine.


This is how Martina Fiorino describes her winery: Bruna Grimaldi. Join us on this interview journey to discover one of the realities in the Langhe region that has impressed us the most, and their famous Barolo.

Our history

Our story is that of a family business, in Grinzane Cavour, one of the eleven municipalities in the Barolo area. Founded in 1957 by Giacomo Grimaldi, it was carried on by grandfather Giovanni who in the 1960s began producing the first Grimaldi bottles for the Italian market. Since the 1990s the company passed to my parents - Bruna Grimaldi and Franco Fiorino -, both winemakers, and the label became "Bruna Grimaldi". It was my parents who started bottling all the production, using only proprietary grapes.

Our vineyards

Over the years we have grown by acquiring small parcels in various municipalities in the Barolo area and nearby, carrying out an important sustainability project, in the vineyard and in the cellar. Today my brother Simone and I are alongside our parents, and we all manage the vineyards and the cellar together.

The vineyards are our heritage. We cultivate 14 hectares, with the Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo varieties. We are characterized by a great fragmentation of the vineyards : an absolute strong point for expressing the varied terroirs of this large wine-growing area . The connection with this territory guides us in our daily ethical (sustainable) commitment towards it. We do not use herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers but we favor biodiversity, grassing and the natural fight against vine parasites.

In the cellar we have a very traditional approach : long macerations and long refinements, large wood and smaller wood (maximum 500 liters) not toasted, no fining and often not even filtration. Time is the determining factor in best expressing our vines.

We produce from 60 to 80 thousand bottles a year, depending on how each vintage goes, just one white wine, the Langhe Arneis, and then all single-varietal red wines: Dolcetto d'Alba San Martino, Barbera d'Alba Superiore Scassa, Nebbiolo d'Alba Bonurei, Barolo Camilla (our classic Barolo which includes all the Barolo vineyards we grow), Barolo Bricco Ambrogio (MGA) in the municipality of Roddi, Barolo Badarina (MGA) and Barolo Badarina Riserva in the municipality of Serralunga d'Alba .

Our wines

Nebbiolo is the most important grape variety of our land, and is synonymous with elegance.

Our Nebbiolo d'Alba Bonurei , offered in selection, is a 100% Nebbiolo that comes from the assembly of four vineyards located in 3 municipalities - Roddi, Diano d'Alba, Sinio. “Bonurei” is the name of the most important vineyard of this wine, which is located in the municipality of Diano d'Alba; a beautiful sorj (full southern exposure) with soil particularly suited to this vine.

It is a young and fresh expression of the grape variety. This is followed by traditional vinification with 15-day skin maceration and 12-month aging in wood.

The Barolo Camilla is the one that has always prided itself on the assembly of our best vineyards, located in different municipalities: Borzone MGA and Raviole MGA (in Grinzane Cavour), Roere di Santa Maria MGA (in the municipality of La Morra), 15% of Bricco Ambrogio MGA (in the municipality of Roddi) and Badarina MGA (in Serralunga d'Alba). It is our Barolo par excellence: it contains the nuances of five vineyards, becoming an authentic expression of the different terroirs that make up the Barolo area. Maceration on the skins for 28-30 days and refinement in large Slavonian oak barrels and French oak tonneaux for 24-30 months. It represents the harmony and balance of traditional Barolo. The aromas are broad and floral, with varied nuances of spices. A gentle palate with fine tannins in balance with the structure, typical, which can be appreciated at a young age for those who love the energy of Barolo and which expresses its maximum after a few years of refinement in the bottle.

Martina Fiorino


We at Sommelier Wine Box were so impressed by the Barolo Camilla that we decided to include it among the 5 Italian red wines to buy in 2023 for those who are entering the world of wine.

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