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Carlo Staudacher, Terre del Lagorai - Trentino Alto Adige

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Terre del Lagorai is a new winemaking reality born from an old story that speaks of traditions, hard work and work: our activities are condensed around the motto " A story of men and wine ".
It all stems from the desire to bring Valsugana and Lagorai to a new economic competitiveness, keeping the resources of the territory and the people who work there at the centre. Our vineyards are looked after with love by local organic producers and are harmoniously inserted into the landscape because the absence of invasive treatments also makes them suitable for settlement in residential areas.
The cellar is within the mighty walls of Castel Ivano, an ancient manor built in the 12th century. We are in Valsugana, at the foot of Lagorai, the largest mountain range in Eastern Trentino: it is a small Tibet immersed in the heart of the Alps where in a chain of incredible landscapes that have escaped anthropisation it is still possible to conquer the summit and feel small in the face of nature .
The current production consists of two classic method Trento Doc sparkling wines and three still wines: a pure chardonnay, as only Valsugana can express, an elegant "mountain" pinot noir and Superbio Solaris which belongs to the category of resistant PIWI vines ( pilzwiderstandfähig).
The vineyards are located between 300 and 700 meters above sea level and our wines reflect the characteristics of mountain wines: fruity and elegant, never excessively alcoholic and indeed more focused on finesse than intensity .
Carlo Staudacher

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