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Tenuta San Leonardo - Trentino Alto Adige

Tenuta san Leonardo Trentino

More than a thousand years ago it was a monastery, for over three centuries it has been the residence of our family. Today the San Leonardo estate is a garden of vineyards and roses protected from imposing Trentino mountains that dampen the cold northern winds, while the the valley floor welcomes and offers the warmth of Lake Garda. This is a world ancient where the patient cellar practices, still artisanal, give wines which are authentic jewels standing out for their freshness, harmony and innate elegance.

In the ancient village San Leonardo is home to families who have handed down knowledge and knowledge for generations the art of working the land. Many of the people who participate in the creation of the estate's wines were born and raised in San Leonardo and contribute to determine its character and identity. The sense of belonging is good perceptible as soon as you enter our gate.

Our family began to reorganize the estate to produce quality wines at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Fall in love with this Trentino land, its horizons and gods its aromas, today we dedicate our energies to creating our wines, born from a keen curiosity for great wines, Bordeaux above all.

Carlo and Anselmo Guerrieri Gonzaga

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