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Sandro Bandini, Oliviera - Tuscany


My family believes and has been investing in the typical character of its products for over 50 years. Our agricultural philosophy is traditional and thrives on strong ties with the region . We always try to get the maximum from our wines, in line with our potential, with our resources techniques and also with the economic ones of the family.

The final product is linked to the variability of the seasons, the pedoclimatic characteristics and to the processing techniques: it is never the same but, on the contrary, it expresses the own individual character year after year. It's easier to copy another wine, rather than giving it a character that links it to a particular winemaker and to a specific area.

We choose this second path, that of variability and specificity .

Our wines are the result of traditional processing of the grapes, without excessive use of technology. The aromas and flavors they are those that the sun and the soil give . Simplicity and healthiness they enter our wines and make them refined and authentic, deliberately opposite to the homogenization of wines that try to satisfy "tastes international".

We conceive wine as a form of pleasure and we work to express its unique characteristics , which are linked to culture and to the territory where they were born.

Sandro Bandini, Oliviera

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