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Riccardo Zanotto, with the fund - Veneto

Zanotto col fondo

I have my own idea of ​​what a Prosecco should tell.

I want those who drink one of my bottles to find the stories of the past and the scent that made me fall in love with the land where I was born . To achieve this, a single plot of land or relying on the most modern winemaking methods was not sufficient. Research was necessary: ​​discovering the right combination of grapes, soil, technique, tradition and times.

I create my own wines with fund , my still wines and my sparkling Prosecco every year but I don't own vineyards. It is a conscious choice which, thanks to the collaboration with a trusted producer and the advice of an expert winemaker, allows me to bottle exactly my idea of ​​wine .

What I want to convey, beyond any technical and tasting notes, is the beauty of returning to experiencing wine with simplicity and conviviality , as in the past, spending time with friends.

Riccardo Zanotto

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