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Door of the wind - Sicily


After being a pharmacist for 25 years I realized that I had to change my life. I arrived by chance in Camporeale, where on the hills there were old vineyards and an abandoned farmhouse. The legacy of my farmer grandfather and the harvests of when I was a child had left a deep sense of belonging in me. I purchased 10 hectares and the decommissioned warehouse. There was no water or light, only the wind. I understood that there I could make unusual wines for Sicily.

Our property extends for eighteen hectares on the hills of the Camporeale area, in the province of Palermo, at around six hundred meters above sea level, in the Alcamo doc and Monreale doc areas. Fourteen are planted with vineyards, with sandy soil on a sandstone rock crust that we hoe by hand.

The vineyards are mainly trained as saplings and are almost fifty years old, exposed to the north following the steep slopes of the steep terrain. The place is very windy with strong temperature variations. The wind slips through what I imagine to be a door and is channeled towards the vineyard: it keeps the vineyard dry and caresses the rows, removing humidity .

The management is biodynamic and organic, both certified: the soil is cultivated without any use of synthetic products, and we try to understand and maintain the balance of wild herbs, increasing biodiversity.

We harvest by hand: the freshly harvested grapes in boxes arrive in the company cellar, where fermentation takes place. We let nature take its course and the harmony and energy of the plants are transmitted from the bunches to the wine, fully expressing the territory to which they belong.

Marco Sferlazzo

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