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Podere dei Folli - Lombardy

Davide Podere dei Folli

Our Podere dei Folli bioagricultural company is a story of artisans and winemakers. For more than a century we have been passing down the culture of wine from father to son, we cultivate the vineyard with love for tradition and we care about safeguarding the magnificent land in which we live. Between Lake Garda and the morainic hills, Valtènesi offers breathtaking views every day, together with a cool and sunny climate - which we love to define as "The Mediterranean between the Alps" - and which gives our wines unique finesse and aromas.

The company was founded in 1920 by our great-grandfather Pietro, who converted the corn fields into Groppello vineyards and started producing red and rose wines. From there we have never stopped, including investments in new equipment, selection of grapes, choices that are increasingly respectful of the environment, including the abandonment of pesticides and herbicides. Today we two brothers deal with it with great passion: among the small great successes of recent years is the inclusion of Preafète in the best 100 pink wines of Italy in the Slow Wine Guide.

The cultivation of vines has an ancient history in this area, and here the Retico (as the wine was anciently called) abounded among the Roman banquets. We guard its secret and tradition, with the intention of producing not simply wine, but a small work of art in a bottle. Our typical rosé, Chiaretto, now called Valtènesi, has a centuries-old heritage: it is recognized by its unmistakable sunset colour, given by the delicate pressing of the grapes and a maceration of a few hours. Groppello is the native grape par excellence, the one that most identifies the Valtènesi territory. A vine that takes its name from the shape of the bunch, very compact and similar to a knot, in dialect "groppo".

Always with our roots firmly in tradition, we turn our gaze towards innovation, continually refining and improving our techniques to offer wines that are not only high quality but also genuine, healthy and respectful of the environment . These values ​​have allowed us to become the organic pioneers in the Valtènesi area.

Proud and honored to work organically, we do it with the utmost responsibility and the greatest rigor possible, according to these principles: guaranteeing the well-being of the ecosystem; work for the maintenance of ecological systems ; build fair and environmentally friendly relationships ; protect the well-being of today's and tomorrow's generations .

Davide and Marco Folli

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