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Pasini San Giovanni - Lombardy

Pasini San Giovanni

For us, talking about the company means talking about our family. The story begins in 1940, in Brescia, when our grandparents, Amelia and Andrea Pasini, opened a tavern selling wine and shortly afterwards a small cellar. Today, three generations later, Pasini San Giovanni is a modern winery managed with the same spirit and passion by us cousins.

Our grapes grow on the Brescia shores of Lake Garda. We mainly grow two native vines, which we study and learn to know and enhance more and more: Turbiana in Lugana and Groppello in Valtènesi. Turbiana allows us to produce white wines rich in nuances and vitality, while Groppello, rare, fragile and precious, is able to convey the essential balance of its land in fine and elegant red and pink wines.

Our philosophy is "a wine is good if it comes from a good land". For this reason, at Pasini San Giovanni we believe in biodiversity as the most natural way to keep the land in balance and to promote a harmonious and healthy environment: since 2009 we have reduced our carbon footprint and work towards the lowest possible environmental impact. We have been certified organic for over 5 years and this means a lot to us.

The keywords of our company? Family, study, sustainability . All elements that we hope you can find in our wines.

Laura, Sara, Luca and Paolo Pasini

If you've read this far, you're one of us!

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