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Paolo Verdi, Bruno Verdi Winery - Lombardy

Bruno Verdi

The history of my family dates back to the eighteenth century when Antonio Verdi, from the Duchy of Parma, was settles in Oltrepò Pavese. Since that time, four generations have passed succeeded in the care of the family lands. Then they produced wheat and other cereals, mulberries gave leaves for the breeding of silkworms and a good number of poles were dedicated to the vine... Soon to the care of vineyards also joins the art of transformation of grapes into wine , with a real cellar. This legacy was then passed down from father to son, together with passion and to the love of quality.

With the fourth generation the property divisions begin and Bruno, my father, is the first to bottle and adorn its bottles with its own label, over the years of the immediate post-war period.

Unfortunately, in 1985 my father Bruno passed away prematurely and at the age of 23 I took over the management of the company in the vineyard and cellar, with the help of my mother Carla and my sister Monica.

Start gradually a new path, with my first classic method “Vergomberra” and the birth of three Cru wines such as Rosso Riserva “Cavariala”, Riesling “Vigna Costa” and Barbera “Campo del Marrone” which best represent our territory.

All this following the dictates of low environmental impact agriculture and the continuous search to improve the quality of our wines , maintaining their typicality.

Paolo Verdi

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