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Laura and Carla Pacelli - Calabria

Laura e Carla Pacelli
When the Neapolitan lawyer Francesco Pacelli decided to take over the 20 hectares of estate in Calabria inherited from his uncle, Baron Gaetano La Costa, not only did he not imagine how much effort, how much time and how much dedication it would take to make the property's vineyards a competitive reality on the market, but was paradoxically, if not teetotal, rather reluctant to abandon himself to the pleasures of Bacchus. After twenty years, spent fighting against peasant prejudices in a remote place in the middle of the countryside of the upper Cosenza area, spent renewing winemaking technologies, planting new vineyards and looking for an oenologist who could understand his idea of ​​wine , now the lawyer would never give up his glass at lunch and dinner. Now, however, Tenute Pacelli is a rare jewel: where once there were abandoned vineyards and crumbling ruins, now there are lush and healthy vineyards, cared for and raised according to a strict organic creed, a cutting-edge cellar and a restored and furnished with antiques that tell the story of the La Costas and the Pacellis: a new "country chic" bed&breakfast among the vineyards, a real refuge in the greenery and quiet of Rose, the district where the estate is located, where you can rest the view over the surrounding valley, refreshed by the Pollino breezes and the scents of the cherry trees in bloom. Accompanying, if not guiding, his work is his wife Clara, who personally takes care of the entire estate, infusing it with her taste, her vision of balance and elegance, with a gentle hand and soul, but at the same time ironclad, a nature probably borrowed from his Istrian origins. The lawyer's vision has made it possible to achieve reforms that were often unthinkable for the territory, starting from the construction of solar panels up to the decision of certified organic, from original choices, such as breeding Riesling in the south and, what's more, making it into wine as Classic Method, to that of preserving the "old vineyard" to produce a Calabrian Barbera from vines over 40 years of age. Clara's strength, on the other hand, meant that her husband's dreams were able to come true, it gave life and vigor to a place that previously seemed barren and which today is full of life, projects and beauty. A lot of effort to reach a very high level of quality but always keeping in mind an idea that encompasses the philosophy of the entire company: everyone has the right to drink well, everyone has the right to enjoy a glass of wine born from the commitment and creativity of people who live to ensure that every tasting experience is unforgettable , trying to produce wines that remain imprinted in the memory, that do not get lost in fashion and that do not resemble anyone else. And since the seed usually does not fall very far from the plant, following and supporting the dream and the effort of Clara and Francesco, now there are also their two daughters, Carla and Laura, who carry forward the vision in a perhaps more prosaic but no less passionate. The two sisters, in fact, from Milan deal with what is commonly defined as marketing and communication, but which for them means carrying on the philosophy and commitment of their parents. Believing in a territory too often mistreated by oenology, such as the Calabrian one, believing in the strength of the wines produced, tasted and studied, loved and taken around Italy and the world, means not only believing in the dream of a mother and of a father, but living it every day, every day, sometimes sacrificing one's career or one's time with the family. But those who make wine, those who communicate it and those who experience it, know that it is worth it and will always be worth it. In the September Wine Boxes we have selected for you two wines from Tenute Pacelli: Barone Bianco and Eos.

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