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Yunmani Bergamasco, Obiz - Friuli Venezia Giulia

trattore OBIZ

The OBIZ winery was born from a dream, and from a tractor.

It was 1997 when, as soon as I finished my agricultural studies, I decided to follow the teachings of my paternal grandfather and to listen only to my instincts. This was the beginning of a journey that over time has become a story of courage and tenacity, my life .

With my eyes closed, I felt that the passion and deep attachment to the land would lead me to " travel a lot ", without moving that much. Everything I needed was very close to me, to my family, to my origins and, in the small Borgo Gortani - on the outskirts of Cervignano del Friuli - I began to grow my first vines.

A landscape, that of the lower Friuli area, particularly suited to the cultivation of vines , thanks to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea which positively mitigates temperatures and the presence of the mountain range of the Julian Prealps which deflect the cold northern currents away. On these clayey soils rich in organic substances, I dedicated much of the first years of activity to the continuous improvement of agronomic management, always trying to operate in full respect of the small natural ecosystems and to enhance the single pedoclimatic unit of the vineyard.

The improvement of the campaign activities allowed us to obtain the Certification of Agro-climatic-environmental Conformity in 2017 according to the regulations set out in the Integrated Production regulations. Further confirmation of how OBIZ is well directed towards a sustainable quality system. With its current 40 hectares of vineyard, today the greatest commitment is aimed at the cultivation of native white grape varieties such as Friulano and Ribolla Gialla, demonstrating how strong the bond is with these lands and with Friuli itself.

For some years, the oenological part has been entrusted to the oenologist Francesco Visintin , who follows all the cellar operations with dedication, from vinification to bottling of the wines, up to their storage. Francesco, a trusted collaborator but above all a sincere friend , presents extremely straightforward white wines, with clean aromas, in the perfect correspondence between aromas and varietal hints typical of the grape variety of origin . White wines with delicate floral notes, in harmony with hints of fresh fruit, pleasantly fresh and tasty, also in relation to the type of more or less sandy soil of the vineyards; red wines tend to be more structured, with light and refined hints of spices, gentle and well-balanced tannins.

In the spring of 2014, we presented the two wines that are part of the " Natissa " selection line. This name brings to mind the river that once flowed through Aquileia, an important river port and nerve center of commercial and cultural exchanges in Roman times. As happened with the Natissa river, where in the past the Natisone and the Torre were conveyed, the two grape varieties are the union of two very important vines for regional viticulture: Friulano and Malvasia for the Bianco, and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Merlot for the Red. The 2017 vintage sees Ribolla Gialla as the protagonist, presented in both the still and brut sparkling versions.

The strong bond with the surrounding area is thus consolidated and recognized in every small sip of wine, the undisputed driver of culture and conviviality.

The simple and sincere spirit of Obiz is just this!

Yunmani Bergamo

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