Michele Scammacca and Pietro Scammacca del Murgo - Sicily

Michele Scammacca e Pietro Scammacca del Murgo
For years we at Murgo have been pursuing the concept of terroir understood as respect for the place in which we live and the vine that grows here. The management of the vineyard that we practice is based on the use of natural techniques with low environmental impact. We grow our vines on Etna, an extreme place where the sea and the mountains merge, where the temperature range reigns supreme. Here the Nerello Mascalese has its place of choice. The microclimate is characterized by strong temperature variations - due to the altitude of the volcano - which delay maturation, giving the wines freshness and fragrance. The volcanic soils, then, give a strong minerality which can be felt in all the local products. Thus, we obtain elegant, complex, savory wines with an identity that stands out in the Italian and international wine scene. We at Murgo have decided, for about 30 years now, to make the Classic Method from Nerello Mascalese our business card. This is an extreme grape to grow, which performs best under strain. The volcano and this extraordinary grape give the wine a great taste-olfactory persistence and unique sensations: from citrus to mineral, from floral to fragrant, making this product a point of reference for the entire Sicilian sparkling wine sector. Michele Scammacca and Pietro Scammacca del Murgo
This story begins in 1981, when Baron Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo decided to transform the family landholdings into modern agricultural businesses and in the following years his sons and brothers also joined in this venture. Currently the vineyards are located on the three estates: San Michele, Gelso Bianco and La Francescana. In 1982 the first Etna Rosso was bottled and in 1990 the first Classic Method Murgo Brut sparkling wine. Murgo is today the point of reference for the Classical Methods of the entire area, but also a stylistic expression capable of transcending regional borders. We have selected two icons from this winery: Murgo Brut 2016 , Murgo Brut rosé 2015 , which we asked the Murgo brothers to tell us about: The great acidity, the low color concentration and many other elements that come directly from the terroir make these grapes particularly suitable for the production of elaborate sparkling wines such as our Brut and our Brut Rosé. These wines have a strong personality, great structure. If Brut Rosé lends itself to interesting combinations with high-class gastronomy, Brut boasts the distinction of being the first sparkling wine made from Nerello Mascalese grapes.

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