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Cecubi Mountains - Lazio

Chiara Enologo

Our company is located in Itri, a few steps from the sea of ​​Sperlonga, within a hilly naturalistic area rich in pastures and cork oak forests, a very important area for the beauty of the landscape and biodiversity. We grow our vineyards with an organic system and have obtained the BIO certification since the 2019 vintage.

We were the pioneers of the reintroduction of viticulture in this area: here, wine production has an ancient tradition but had long since disappeared. We did this by rediscovering the old vines of the area and also experimenting with the varieties best adapted to this very special environment.

Our area, formerly known as Caecubum Ager, was famous since the times of Republican Rome for the production of Cecubo wine. Many Latin poets have sung this excellent wine, from Pliny the Elder to Marziale, from Columella to Horace...

Cecubi Mountains

The Cecubi Mountains are located among cork oak forests on the hills that jut out from the coast of Sperlonga, and benefit both from the proximity of the woods and the sea. The composition of the soil, the exposure, the temperature range, then, allow our vineyards to produce wines of character: intense, fresh and long-lived.

Today, in 20 hectares of vineyards, we produce whites such as Vermentino, Fiano and Falanghina, and red wines from practically unknown local varieties such as Abbuoto and Serpe.

We work every day to create unique wines , just as the wine tradition in these mountains is unique.

Chiara Fabietti

Monti Cecubi winery

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