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The Stival family, Moletto agricultural society - Veneto

Azienda agricola Moletto
Where five centuries ago a forest of the Serenissima stood, today our company thrives. Moletto is a special reality due to the fortunate conformation of the land and the tenacity of those who have been able to support its viticultural vocation with constant attention to the most modern winemaking technologies. Respecting tradition. We are in Motta di Livenza, at the easternmost limit of the province of Treviso, an area rich in clay and limestone which has established its centuries-old winemaking tradition. Our land falls within the Prosecco DOC Treviso, Piave DOC, Lison-Pramaggiore DOC, Venezia DOC areas and in the Lison DOCG production area. Alongside the founder Mario Stival - the true "historical" soul of Moletto - his wife Anna and his children Mauro, Giovanni and Chiara. A close-knit team (as only a family can be!) guided by enthusiasm and resourcefulness, without ever losing contact with its roots. Those that sink into the earth, that need dedication and attention, passion and effort. The "wine culture", where wine is understood as a gift that the land gives to those who know how to love, protect and respect it. Mario and Anna, Mauro, Giovanni and Chiara
The Stival family manages this agricultural company with extraordinary harmony : they cultivate lands suited to wine by ancient tradition, in the municipality of Motta di Livenza and in the Belfiore di Pramaggiore area. The planting density of their vines is around 3,000 plants per hectare in order to avoid root competition between the plants and make them produce the right fruit without forcing. This is the company's philosophy, against the current, but proudly in line with respect for the territory . In the July Wine Boxes we have selected the Brut Millesimato VSQ and the Pinot Bianco IGT Veneto Orientale .

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