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Matilde Poggi, Le Fraghe - Veneto

Matilde Poggi, Le Fraghe
I love the landscape that surrounds me, which has accompanied every moment of my life: Monte Baldo which dominates to the north, Lake Garda with a typically Mediterranean climate, the Valdadige along which the fresh winds descend. I love the land, every meter different, brought here by the glaciers that carved out the lake basin and the Adige valley in ancient times. Everything I do in the vineyard is aimed at respecting and preserving those unique and unrepeatable expressions of territoriality that I only find in my wines. - Matilde Poggi, Le Fraghe

Not far from the banks of Garda lies the farm of Matilde Poggi and her family. The third of six siblings, she cultivates vineyards and produces her wines in Cavaion Veronese, in the heart of Bardolino.

Growing up in the world of wine, since she was a child after school, she helped with the harvest and imagined the vineyards going into hibernation in the winter to awaken in the spring. She has always been fascinated by the earth - that simple and grandiose universe that advances to the rhythm of a dance - and soon the desire to take an active part in it takes hold.

In the 1980s she was among the few women at the forefront of the wine world.

Matilde works in an experimental way, testing varieties, breeding systems and grape varieties, animated by the courage to interpret the territory independently, respecting a land that she feels she must preserve for the men of tomorrow.

From the "Le Fraghe" winery we have selected:

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